[Completed] LOT Airlines Adventure @ LIPZ - 011900ZJUL19

Hello everyone!
I’m doing this fun journey later, and hope you will join me :)

Aircraft: E170
Livery: LOT


Departure: LIPZ (Venice Marco Polo International Airport)

Arrival: EPWA (Warsaw Fredric Chopin International Airport)

Time of Departures: 2019-07-01T19:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Join me as I fly out of Venice Airport, past the Alps, and north up to one of today’s featured airports, Warsaw. Using the E170, plan your fuel well, and make sure to add extra fuel to account for approach time, just in case!

Hope to see you all there!


I’ll possibly come. We can spawn at any gate in Venice?

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You can expect me to be there! I have an event very similar to this that is tomorrow (of course Poland gets featured for IFATC the day before XD). Its an EPWR flyout. Come and join!


@Nick_Bochy @SB110 see you two there! Gates will be posted soon prior to the flight.

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Ok thx. I possibly will not be able to come.

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I’ll try though 😉

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Gate assignments so far:

Gate 325: Open

Gate 326: Open

Gate 327: @SB110

Gate 328: @Nick_Bochy

Gate 329: @Will_A

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Looking like chances of me coming are getting more and more unlikely. Keep my gate reserved for now, though. I’m going to let you know whether or not I’m coming ASAP. Thanks!

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Starting in 3 minutes!

Flight plan has been made. Hope to see some of you there.

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Ok I’m coming. (Yay!) We copy you’re flight plan?

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I’m assuming that’s a yes. Ok coming now.

Ooooooh nice sunset in Venice!

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It is a yes.


Cruise: FL350/ M .76

Climb: Initial climb to 1,000, then up to 240 knots under 10,000. At 10,000, 280 knots.

Descent: 130nm out, target is to be at FL180 between 60-75 nm out.

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Departure will be on 22L. Back taxi 22R, this is real world procedure. 22R is used as a taxiway in real life.

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Ready for pushback when you are! I’ll lead :)

Ok. I won’t be able to talk here because I use IFC on the same device I’m flying on.

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We can start now. You pushback

Ok. Enjoy the flight!

Shoot I’m so sorry I was reading a book and I wasn’t keeping track of time!

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No problem! Spawn in now! We haven’t departed.