[Completed] Long Island MacArthur Airport | Fill The Airport Event [In Partner With The IFGAC] @ KISP - 081800ZSEP18

Banner Made By @The_Geniusman

Long Island MacArthur Airport Flyout Event

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Long Island MacArthur Airport (also known as Islip Airport - Islip is the town the airport is located in) serves about three million commercial passengers a year, as well as general aviation. With currently a whopping total of 4 airlines (American Eagle, Elite Airways, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest Airlines) operating into ISP, it is for sure going to be a fun event to show of Long Island and KISP (I edited).

Event Details

Server - Expert Server
Departure Time - 1800Z Saturday, September 8, 2018 6:00 PM
@ Islip MacArthur Airport [KISP]


Will be announced as we get further to the event date

Gate Assignments

Stick To These Gates Please

Main Concourse
Gate Pilot Airline Aircraft Destination
A01L Elite Airlines [Generic] CRJ-200 KMLB
A01 @Transport_Hub American Eagle CRJ-200 KPHL
A02 Frontier Airlines A321-200 KMYR
A03 @Plane-Train-TV [Southwest 1719] Southwest Airlines B737-700 KPBI
A04 @SkysTheLimit87 [WN4827] Southwest Airlines [Shamu] B737-700 KMCO
A05 @Johnny_Green [WNVA20] Southwest Airlines B737-800 KBWI
A06 @RTG113 Southwest Airlines B737-800 KFLL
A07 @American787 Southwest Airlines B737-800 KTPA
A08 @Luke_Sta [Southwest 1183] Southwest Airlines B737-700 KBWI
A09 Frontier Airlines [Alberta and Clipper] A320-200 KATL
A10 Frontier Airlines [Colorado] A320-200 TJSJ
A11 @Justin0623 Frontier Airlines [Hugh The Manatee] A320-200 KFLL
A12 @Dylan_M [DYLAN-M] Frontier Airlines A321-200 KPBI
A13 @Guxk Frontier Airlines [Ozzy] A320-200 KRSW
B19 @esant_15 [Frontier 1779] Frontier Airlines A321-200 KMCO
B23 @den.aviation [N1209] Frontier Airlines [Sheldon] A320-200 KORD

General Aviation Ramps

Please Note what aircraft you want and I will just find you a Ramp

Engine GA Aircraft (ACJ/C750/BBJ)
Ramp Pilot Aircraft Destination
FBO SheltAir Ramp 01 @Sebastian9915 [B-ASH] C750 KEYW
FBO SheltAir Ramp 02 @2003iggy [Z-IGGY - IFGAC] C750 CYHZ
FBO SheltAir Ramp 03 @hi15td [N356DR - IFGAC] C750 KDAB
FBO SheltAir Ramp 04 @TenMileJones [NOTGOOD] C750 KDAB
FBO New York Jet Ramp ACJ/BBJ
FBO Mid Island Air Service Ramp 01 C750
FBO Mid Island Air Service Ramp 02 C750
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 01 C750
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 02 C750
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 03 C750
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 04 C750
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 05 C750
FBO ExcelAire Aviation Ramp 01 C750
FBO ExcelAire Aviation Ramp 02 C750
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 01 C750
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 02 C750
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 03 C750
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 04 C750
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 05 C750

Prop GA Aircraft (C172, C208, SR22, (Maybe TBM))

GA Ramp 01-59. I’ll fill them as we go.

Ramp Pilot Aircraft Destination
US Civil Air Patrol Ramp 01 C172
US Civil Air Patrol Ramp 02 C172
US Civil Air Patrol Ramp 03 C172
GA Ramp 01 @Balloonchaser [Balloonchaser - IFGAC] C208 KHPN
GA Ramp 02 @anon81054369 [H-SKWHY - IFGAC] C208 CYHZ
GA Ramp 03 @Xpira [N5RM - IFGAC] C208
GA Ramp 04 @Aceorbit [ACER-5 - IFGAC] SR22 KMYR
GA Ramp 05 @Takeoff_Aviation [TAKE-OFF - IFGAC] C208 KACK
GA Ramp 06 @Justin_Chan [N1JC - IFGAC] C208 KHPN
GA Ramp 07 @HadenJohnson [N145NJ - IFGAC] C172
GA Ramp 08
GA Ramp 09
GA Ramp 10 @Playr_Mar [WB-81 - IFGAC] SR22 KHPN
GA Ramp 11
GA Ramp 12
GA Ramp 13
GA Ramp 14
GA Ramp 15
GA Ramp 16
GA Ramp 17
GA Ramp 18
GA Ramp 19
GA Ramp 20
GA Ramp 21
GA Ramp 22
GA Ramp 23
GA Ramp 24
GA Ramp 25
GA Ramp 26
GA Ramp 27
GA Ramp 28
GA Ramp 29
GA Ramp 30
GA Ramp 31
GA Ramp 32
GA Ramp 33
GA Ramp 34
GA Ramp 35
GA Ramp 36
GA Ramp 37
GA Ramp 38
GA Ramp 39
GA Ramp 40
GA Ramp 41
GA Ramp 42
GA Ramp 43
GA Ramp 44
GA Ramp 45
GA Ramp 46
GA Ramp 47
GA Ramp 48
GA Ramp 49
GA Ramp 50
GA Ramp 51
GA Ramp 52
GA Ramp 53
GA Ramp 54
GA Ramp 55
GA Ramp 56
GA Ramp 57
GA Ramp 58
GA Ramp 59

National Guard Ramp
Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
National Guard Ramp 01 C-130 KCHS

Ghosting Will Be Enforced

I Hope To See You Fly The Long Island Skies With Us!

Go Check Out The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Event Credit's

Coordinator: @Balloonchaser
Co-Coordinator: @RTG113
Banner Made By: @The_Geniusman


This Event Is Not a Official IFGAC Event

The IFGAC will just basically be taking most of the GA Stands hence their partnership.


Southwest to KBWI-KISP-KPBI!
Southwest 1719


Yes sir, I’ll be reppin the IF-GAC.
May I please have GA ramp 10 please? Thank you. I’ll be using callsign: WB-81


I’m sorry meant to add SR22 and KISP-KPHN


Can I have gate B19, callsign Frontier 1779.


C208, from KISP to CYHZ


Any gate for a 208 please. :)


😱 An event by Balloon! Why would someone not want to attend 😏

I’ll take the American Eagle flight to KPHL. Piedmont Airlines operates the E145 in real life on this route, so can you please switch my aircraft to the CRJ2?


I’ll take any C750 spot
Callsign: B-ASH
See ya there 😉


From now…when it will start?

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Drop me a spot with IFGAC please, any ramp to KMYR in the SR22 please. Callsign ACER-5. 🙂


Hey any C750 ramp please to CYHZ. Thanks.


I’ll take GA02 in the C208 and this is for IFGAC and my destination will be KACK

Thanks Ballon


I’ll tale the Southwest to KMCO, callsign: WN4827

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I wish I could join, but that’s on a Saturday, and I work Saturdays :(

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Ill fly frontier down to KFLL Gate A11

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Sign me up a C750 to Daytona Beach (you guys will know why I chose this destination later)

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I saw why ;) I’ll join you in my own C750 to Daytona, sorry for switching gates, callsign NOTGOOD


Sign me up Frontier A320 KISP to KMYR Gate A12

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