[Completed] London Heathrow International Airport Flyout @ EGLL - 112000ZJAN20

I’ll take a Qatar Airways gate to Doha with the 777! Thanks!

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Is it possible I could get an AA 777-200ER flight to RDU?

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Thanks for signing up! You’ve been marked down on the list!

Thanks! I look forward to it since it is one of the only international routes to my hometown!

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Can I snag gate 319 to DTW please?


Absolutely señor! You’ve been signed up :)

Sign me up here please, my callsign will be AMX8

Btw nice event

You’ve been signed up, and thanks!

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Thank you!🙏🏼 I can’t wait for the event to happen

@Will_A May I Have Gate 313 to LAX VS23 or Virgin 23 Heavy is my callsign

Absolutely! You’ve been signed up.

Thanks I love The events

Any gate to San Jose with the BA 789

sign me up for the clt flight please

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I’ll come…


I’ll take Gate 332 to Chicago!

Thanks for taking my other home airport

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Ya duh… that’s my home airport

@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 would you mind providing me with a gate number for that route?

@BigBert10 @anon45500775 @VerifiedNub , you have been signed up.

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