[COMPLETED] Let's fill up Calgary! @CYYC 210000ZJUL19

This being my second event, hopefully we can get some attention to this beautiful Providence and give me the motivation to continue making events!

Why Calgary?

Calgary is a hop across the pond from CYVR, where my first event is taking place. I slowly plan to go across the globe with airports that I am familiar with and have some sort of connection with. I also want this airport to have an event since I am travelling here In August with Air Canada!

(Credit www.Stockaerialphotos.com I couldn’t find a good one like this without the watermark!)
See airports I am planning here, and the reasons why

CYVR Vancouver - Where some of my family live, and where I wish to live in around 10 years.
CYYC Calgary (you are currently on this Event page) - I am visiting here in August.
EGKK Gatwick - Closest Int airport to me.
LEMD Malaga - My most recent holiday
OMDB Dubai - Just… Emirates?

Time: 2019-07-21T00:00:00Z
Server: Expert


Concourse A, Westjet
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendees
A1 Westjet CYQL/Lethbridge Dash 8 Q400
A2 Westjet CYDQ/Comox Dash 8 Q400
A3 Westjet CYKA/Kamloops Dash 8 Q400
A4 Westjet CYQR/Regina Dash 8 Q400
A5 Westjet CYCD/Nanaimo Dash 8 Q400
A6 Westjet CYBR/Brandon Dash 8 Q400
A11 Westjet CYXX/Abbotsford 737-700
A12 Westjet CYLW/Kelowna 737-800
A13 Westjet CYXE/Saskatoon 737-700
A14 Westjet CYHM/Hamilton 737-800
A15 Westjet CYWG/Winnipeg 737-700
A16 Westjet CYEG/Edmonton 737-800
A17 Westjet CYUL/Montreal 737-800
A18 Westjet CYVR/Vancouver 737-700
A19 Westjet CYYJ/Victoria 737-700
A20 Westjet CYYZ/Toronto 737-700
A21 Westjet VYQG/Windsor 737-700
A22B Westjet CYKF/Waterloo 737-700
A23B Westjet CYXU/London 737-700
A24A Westjet CYHZ/Halifax 737-700
Concourse B, Air Canada
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendees
B31 Air Canada CYMM/Fort McMurray Dash 8 Q400
B32 Air Canada CYVR/Vancouver A319 @Benjamin573 B33
B34 Air Canada CYOW/Ottowa E175
B35 Air Canada CYKA/Kamloops Dash 8 Q400
B36 Air Canada CYQL/Lethbridge Dash 8 Q400
B37 Air Canada Rouge CYYZ/Toronto 767-300
B39 idk lmao
B40 Air Canada CYUL/Montreal A321 @ThomasThePro
Concourse C, Air Canada
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Atttendees
C50 Air Canada CYLW/Kelowna Dash 8 Q400
C51 Air Canada CYXH/Medicine Hat Dash 8 Q400
C52 Air Canada CYZF/Yellowknife Dash 8 Q400 @KGJT-9149
C53 Air Canada CYCD/Nanaimo Dash 8 Q400
C54 Air Canada CYQU/Grand Praire Dash 8 Q400
C55 Air Canada Your Choice! Dash 8 Q400
C56 Air Canada CYEG/Edmonton Dash 8 Q400
C57 Air Canada CYYJ/Victoria Dash 8 Q400
C58 Air Canada CYYZ/Toronto A321
C59 Air Canada Rouge KLAS/Las Vegas* A319
Remote Apron
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendess
65 Westjet CYKA/Kamloops 737-700 @Andrew_Watson
Concourse D&E, Out of country flights
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendees
71 Air Canada RJAA/Tokyo 767-300 @anon45500775
73 KLM EHAM/Amsterdam 787-9 @United_1154
74B Air Canada EGLL/London 787-9 @Ecoops123
78B Air Canada EDDF/Frankfurt 787-9 @AirFrance005
80B Westjet KPHX/Phoenix 737-800
82 Air Canada KIAH/Houston CRJ-900
84B Westjet KDEN/Denver 737-800
86 United KORD/Chicago A320
88B Westjet KPSP/Palm Springs 737-700
90 Delta KMSP/Minneapolis A319
92 Westjet KSAN/San Diego 737-800 @Bryce_D
95 United KSFO/San Francisco A320 @GlobalFlyer1
96 Westjet KATL/Atlanta 737-800 @Gtmkm98
Cargo Flights
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
1 FedEx KOAK/Oakland MD-11F
2 FedEx KIND/Indianapolis DC-10F
3 FedEx KMEM/Memphis MD-11F
4 Cargo Flight of Your Choice
5 Cargo Flight of Your Choice
6 Cargo Flight of Your Choice
7 FedEx KSFO/San Francisco 777-200F @Qantas094
8 Cargo Flight of Your Choice
9 UPS KSDF/Louisville 757-200F
GA Flights

GA Apron 1
GA Apron 2
GA Apron 3
GA Apron 4
GA Apron 5
GA Apron 6
GA Apron 7
GA Apron 8
GA Apron 9
GA Apron 10

*I know that Gate 59 is a flight to America, there was no leftover space, and wanted to fit this in. You can also replace a Westjet flight to KLAX and KSFO with any other 737 flight. I apologise for any aircraft that touch wings during the event. It was difficult enough trying to find out which gates to use.

NOTAMS will be notified in group chat closer during the event

A group chat will be created with all attendees 7 days before the event.

This is my other event at CYVR on the 13th July at 21:00Z, the same time as this event a week before.


When asking for a gate, please say the Gate number, and the destination, so we don’t get confused with what flight. Or easier, just Quote it!

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Think this is more of an events post. Moved it for you 👍🏻

You know what to do

Yes I do… i just wanted to get these out the way before I go back to school tommorow and then go camping for 5 days, then a full on day out at a car festival, then another full on day out watching the ‘Redbull Soapbox challenge’ in London all in a row, all in the same week… then the Saturday after that is the group flight at CYVR 😂🤯. I think once I get to around 5 people I’ll change the title from recruiting to attending.

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I’m hoping to get more attention (even if I am new to this) to bring a great event to this airport 😀. This is probably the most difficult because of the sheer amount of gates to area.

Could I please come along I will take gate 7 for cargo and the I will fly to SAN Francisco in the Fedex 777

Sure 😀 I’ll put you down!

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Thanks mate, it is one day before my subscription runs out.

Ouch… mine runs out around halfway through the month… hopefully I can get It back by the time of this event.


I’ll take that, please and thank you!

Sure! Good to see you coming and this event get attention!

No problem!

I’ll take a gate to San Francisco with the United A320 preferably departing from E95! Thanks!

I’ll have a look into it for you now! 😀

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Yay you are getting people!

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Done! I replaced it from the CRJ-900 Air Canada flight to MMSD.

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Lol pretty soon I feel like you are beating my Brussels event

RIP. Work pays off sometimes 😂. The chat on the ELGC event? The pictures I posted of CYVR? I did that planning g again with 3 pages of flights… it’s a pain at parts but if I want to do EGKK or OMDB it’s even more work… I’m so active on the forums now that every day I keep running out of likes… for example: now. I can’t like!!!😥

Now I’ve sorted all the flights and gates for EGKK. I usually leave a few I gates spare do if someone wants to add a flight they can.

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I’m definitely happy with today’s results. Me thinking it happens overnight. With 26 days to go, and 5 attendees in 4 hours, I’m very happy with this event and hope it slowly grows. I will be creating a poll after the event asking you your overall opinion of the event.

But yeah, as I said I probably won’t be able to reply between. the 1st and 7th July because I am camping 😓.