[COMPLETED] Let's Discover The Alps! LJLJ-LFMN 091800ZDEC18

Server: Expert

Airport: LJLJ-LFMN

Time: December 9, 2018 6:00 PM

NOTAM: Spawn 10 mins before, Use A320 family, CRJ and ERJ family and B737 family

The alps, some of the beautiest mounaints in the world… lets give them some respect!
So we will dpart from Ljubljana at 1800Z and head to Nice airport which is in the other side of the alps… I am palnning a route above
Austria, Slovenia, Switherland Italy and France.

Gate 40- @Kamryn callsign Swiss21
Gate 39-@rubinedan callsign CWH
Gate 38L- @Plnelovr callsign TLC-002
Gate 38R- @Swiss callsign Swiss 001
Gate 37- @xtcride1974 callsign HIFLYR74
Gate 36- @Merijnos callsign Swiss 658
Gate 35-
Gate 34- @Chris_Wing callsign HB-CHW
Gate 33- @TheKnP_KK callsign Swiss 184
Gate 32- @Corgi callsign Swiss 25
Gate 31- @AviationJack callsign Velocity 1
Gate 30- @Juan_Oosthuizen callsign VGVA08
Gate 8- @Capt.SkyWalker callsign DLH004
Gate 9- @bechrisair callsign Swiss 17
Gate 10- @Manley_Travels callsign Mz24
Gate 11- @Ahmad_Hijazi callsign DLH 1122A
Gate 12- @airbavaria callsign Lufthansa 163


LJLJ tower- @MaximV
LJLJ ground- @MaximV
LFMN approach- @Trio
LFMN tower- @Diederick
LFMN ground- @Diederick

More gates will be added if needed!

Flight details:
Speed: 0.78 above 10000 and 240 below 10000
Climbing rate: 2200VS
Decent rate: 1800VS
Speed 10000FT-28000FT 260 KTS

Flight plan


source: https://www.google.co.il/search?q=alps&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiYgKiqvMXeAhUEesAKHZBDDiEQ_AUIDigB&biw=1366&bih=657#imgrc=lW2dA2WZ8qOeVM:

when reserve a gate please type the callsign and gate

*The event will be in the schedule of ATC so IFATCs can control it!!

Which server do you prefer?
if you don’t have intention to take a part in this event please do not vote

  • Training sever
  • Expert sever

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@Swiss you like the alps i guess… wanna join??

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The title should be Alps Flyout @LJLJ - 281600ZNOV18 :)

OK OK i will fix it

Not to be a (What do you call it when someone keep correcting you) but why does it say from NOV 2nd to 28th

Edit: I’ll take take 40 as Swiss 21 A321 Swissair

OK! Thanks for coming man!

Is this event really considered being a flyout if it has a assigned end destination.

A flyout, if I’m not wrong, then correct me is when the participants are allowed to fly to any destination in the world, free of choice and not specifically to a certain airport, as in this case LJLJ to LFMN.

A title like, Depart from the Alps or Soar above the Alps or more simply, The Alps, would be more fitting, maybe…?

Also this doesn’t seem quite right…

If someone decides to fly a Heavy or Super, they’ll have a hard time staying in the air…

A B777, B747, A380 or anything large will fall out of the sky, like a rock…

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What do you say now?

Sounds much better, but maybe you should have restrictions on aircraft…?

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Ill change to small palnes

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I think people should use small aircrafts.

Would you like to join?

Look above… fixed it…

Ok I see (fill)

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Would you like to join maybe?

LJLJ Italy? I’m not 100% sure

Is it 9:00 am UTC TIME?

Nope… Slovenia

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I would’ve loved to but I unfortunately can’t due to personal reasons, sorry.

You guys may have great time flying above the beautiful Alps, Cheers :)

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1600Z time