[COMPLETED]Let’s Fly to Istanbul! @ KLAX - 030500ZJAN18

Event Trailer

Server: Casual

Airport: KLAX

Time: 0500Z JAN 3 or Jan 2 at 9pm pacific time

Flight Plan
coming soon

Have fun while we fly to Turkey! Not this 🦃 this one 🇹🇷. Be respectful and have fun!

134: @Daniel14
132: @GolferRyan
130: @Aviator_Airbus
148: @Infinite_Flight_Dude
150: @Harun_Koyuncu
152: @DiamondGaming4
154: @Jacob_Sim
156: @Oli_H
151: @Goran12
153: @Richard_Wei
131: @Ryan_Vidad
133: @Jmacd20

More will be add if needed

About the Aircraft!

The 777-300er is the follow up of the 777-200 series with an extended fuselage. It can fly 7,370 Nautical Miles at a passenger capacity of 396 in a 2 class configuration. Info copyright Boeing.

Event Hosted By Taiwlinds Flying Club

Who We Are
We are a group of enthusiastic people who love to fly and understand the modern day constraints such as school and work

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I’ll take a gate.

I see you’ve used iMovie. Good choice
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I was going to use something like Final Cut Pro then my iMac said no so used iMovie on my IPad

I can’t come to this event I’m afraid, it starts at 12 AM for me

Nice new logo. I will see if I can attend.

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Added you to the list and thanks!

How long is the flight?

If it’s shorter than 11 hours I won’t be able to do it.

It should be around 13 hours long @Infinite_Flight_Dude

Okay, can you put me at any gate?

Wish I can make this event. However it will be too late for me at 12am est being I work.

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Hey can i have a gate please ?

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Added you to the list! Check above!

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Thank you very much sir 👩‍✈️

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Sign me up @Daniel14

You are now signed up!

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@Daniel14 nvm I have school the next day I can’t come

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Whaat?? Man you guys go back early! We don’t go back until the 8th.

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Welll yeah that’s true

Ill take a gate

Sign me up please, I presume any Turkish Airlines Aircraft