[COMPLETED] KMKE Fly-Out @ KMKE - 051800ZMAY18

Server: Expert

Region: Chicago Area

Airport: KMKE

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Hello and welcome to General Mitchell Intl. Airport! A smaller airport north of Chicago in Milwaukee, WI that some people in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois use instead of O’hare. KMKE is a common place for O’hare diversions as well. I will try and fit as many routes out of KMKE as possibly as there are limited gates. I am currently still editing but you may sign up for one of the gates already on the list and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Unless weather changes, it is planned that all aircraft will depart from 19L/R and all aircraft arriving at the time of event will arrive on RWYs 25L/R. If IFATC is covered in my area then maybe ATIS will be provided to give you further runway info. If you are an IFATC controller and want to sign up to ATC here if it is covered, you can sign up here.

Time Conversions:
EDT: 2:00 PM
CDT: 1:00 PM
MDT: 12:00PM
PDT: 11:00AM

Enjoy the event! (Note that Infinite Flight does not have CSA Air FedEx Caravan gates right behind FedEx cargo gates so we will use north cargo gates for CSA Air flights.)

Passenger Gates:
Concourse C:
C10: CRJ-200 AC7326 (GGN7326) KMKE-CYYZ
C9: CRJ-200 UA4859 (AWI4859) KMKE-KORD
C11: ERJ-170 UA3667 (RPA3667) KMKE-KIAH
C12: A319-200 VOI657 KMKE-MMGL
C13: 737-700 SWA3563 KMKE-KMDW
C14: 737-700 SWA5443 KMKE-KMCI
C15: 737-700 SWA1732 KMKE-KLGA
C16: 737-800 SWA1817 KMKE-KLAX
C17: 737-800 SWA738 KMKE-KHOU
C18: 737-800 SWA4018 KMKE-KLAS
C19: 737-700 SWA4484 KMKE-KTPA
C20: 737-700 SWA3890 KMKE-KMCO
C21: 737-800 SWA476 KMKE-KDEN
C22: 737-700 SWA934 KMKE-KFLL
C23: 737-700 SWA1849 KMKE-KATL
C24: 737-700 SWA992 KMKE-KSTL
D36: 737-800 SWQ9856 KMKE-MMUN
D39: A320-200 FFT441 KMKE-KDEN
D40: A320-200 FFT1424 KMKE-KRDU
D41: A320-200 FFT1271 KMKE-KAUS
(We will use the B752 in place of MD-83s for Allegiant)
D42: 757-200 AAY745 KMKE-KSFB
D43: 737-900 DAL2539 KMKE-KATL
D44: 737-900 DAL974 KMKE-KMSP
D45: 717-200 DAL518 KMKE-KDTW @DeltaMD88Fan
D46: ERJ-170 DAL6080 (RPA6080) KMKE-KBOS
D47: ERJ-170 DAL6007 (RPA6007) KMKE-KLGA
D48: 757-200 DAL8931 KMKE-KBOS
D49: ERJ-170 DAL3550 (SKW3550) KMKE-KSEA
D51: 737-900 ASA242 KMKE-KSEA
D52: A320-200 AAL586 KMKE-KPHX
D53: 757-200 AAY955 KMKE-KFLL

Cargo Gates:
Cargo UPS Gate 1: MD-11F UPS541 KMKE-KSDF @CaptAwesomeAaron
Cargo FedEx Gate 1 (UPS): MD-11F UPS127 KMKE-KSDF (unless changed) @Koby_Thomas
Cargo FedEx Gate 2: MD-11F FDX848 KMKE-KMEM @jmwilliams17 Cargo FedEx Gate 3 (UPS): MD-11F UPS532 KMKE-KDFW @DaYooper
(Substitute CSA Air Gates, note CSA Air is FedEx Livery)
Cargo North 1: Cessna 208 IRO8645 KMKE-KIMT
Cargo North 2: Cessna 208 IRO8433 KMKE-KRHI
Cargo North 3: Cessna 208 IRO8581 KMKE-KCWA
General Aviation Gates:
(You can fly from KMKE to anywhere on this route with any GA aircraft smaller than a 737-700BBJ)
Business Flights:
(These flights again can go anywhere but must be with an executive aircraft)
Signature Flight Support: KMKE-
Cessna Citation Center: @Ankytrix KMKE-


Oops not done yet I accidentally posted it please stand by

You can sign me up! I’d like the Cessna citation center.


Ok roger that! Thanks for coming

This is amazing! I live in Milwaukee so I know these flights and routes by heart. I would love to do it but sadly I am busy that day. Thanks for showing love to MKE!

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No problem! I also live there and that’s one of the reasons I love the airport, I know KMKE better than any other airport


Attention all pilots, I have now changed the date to Saturday. I hope this will attract more people!

Are you busy on Saturday?

What day will it be?

I think so. Sorry! Thanks for asking though. I will tell you if anything changes.

Ok so what gate do you want? You can sign up for a gate now and then of you can’t join all of a sudden, you can cancel and I will remove your name.

Do you want to join?

Do you care to join?

Oh oops wrong point of question haha oops

Let me look over the flight plans for all to figure out which one I would do if I can do it. I will get back to you soon!

I would join but there are absolutely no Long Haul Routes (RIP :D)

Have you figured anything out yet?

You can take the 737-700BBJ on any long haul route via GA gates smaller than 12 hours and 6000nm

I will take gate GA2 for now

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I will be flying DL 518 717 to Detroit

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