[Completed!] Innsbruck Flyout! @ LOWI - 252000ZNOV18

Server: Expert

Airport: LOWI

Time: November 25, 2018 9:00 PM

Airport Info

Innsbruck Kranebitten Airport is located in the Austrian Alps, it is approximately 2.5 miles from the center of Innsbruck. The airport handles regional traffic in the alps but also further destinations in Europe. Innsbruck airport is located 1,906ft. AMSL or 581m. The runway length is 6,562 or 2000m. Pilots have to follow the alps on approach which makes for a beautiful landing.

Commercial Aprons

Apron User Destination Aircraft
Apron 1 @QFA_12 EHAM 737-8 (Transavia)
Apron 2. @Kamryn LOWW. Dash 8(Austrian)
Apron 3. @Joe_Miller EGLL A320(BA)
Apron 4.@anon87102400 EGKK A320(Easy)
Apron 5. @niagraaviation EHAM B737-800(Transavia)
Apron 6. @Jackson_Kaiman EHAM 737-8(Transavia)
Apron 7. @Luka_Mac_Lennan LOWW Dash 8(Austrian)
Apron 8. @Chindle_1204 EDDF Dash 8(Austrian)


South Hanger 01 @D-MELC
South Hangar 02.
South Hangar 03.
South Hangar 4-1
South Hangar 4-2
South Hangar 4-3

Delayed Departures

Apron 1 @TenMileJones LOWW A319(Austrian)
Apron 2 @Tucker_Ryan LOWW A319(Austrian)


  • Please be respectful and courteous of all pilots
  • Provide route when requesting for a gate
  • Have fun!
  • Innsbruck Krakepitten is located in the middle of the alps, please follow the appropriate departure procedures
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could i take apron 4 and which london airport will i be flying to

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Gatwick or EGKK, I’ll fix that

If a regular doesn’t get to this before you see it, your title needs a ‘Z’ after your Zulu time. Thanks, and have fun at your event! :)

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Sorry @Kamryn , @anon87102400 already took that apron, would Apron 3 work?

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Any apron to Vienna

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I’ll put you in for Apron 2

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Sorry, Apron 4 was I typo, I originally wanted Apron 2 anyways, lol

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No problem, enjoy the event!

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Only Three Weeks Left!

Get your gate now.

Can I get Apron 3?

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Sure thing, see you at the event!

Could I get apron 7 and my friend @niagraaviation for apron 5 please

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You are all signed up, see you on the 25th!

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Can we change route EHAM?

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I’ll take eham

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Added you, Apron 01

Do you want to fly to EHAM as well?

Yes please

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I’ll add you, have fun at the event

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