[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club || The Bahama Cruise @ MYNN - 102100ZMAR19 || Powered By LiveFlight

The Bahama Cruise!

Happy Sunday from the IFGAC!

On this flight, we are going to hop in our Cessna Citations (C750) as we sadly have to leave the Bahamas after a great long vacation and head back “home”. Although its always hard to leave, kids need to go back to school (#GoHomeSchooled/#OnlineSchooling) and parents have to go back to work. So lets get going!

Family member’s will be using LiveFlightapp.com to track their families flight’s home

Here at the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club, we see the future of Infinite Flight turning from Airliners to General Aviation and we want to show everyone else what we see! Like when was the last time that you have seen a Full GA Only Event? Now twice every week you will see a General Aviation Related Event Posted in many different time zones (as our club is fully international) Take A Look At The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - C750 [Any Livery]

Departure Airport - Lynden Pindling [MYNN]

Departure Time - 2100Z Sunday, March 10, 2019 9:00 PM

Projected Flight Time - 2 Hours & 25 Minutes [2Hr25M]

Arrival Airport - Jack Edwards National [KJKA]

Our event’s aim to bring realism into a pilot’s simulator flight. I highly encourage using IF Checklists, a free application for IOS and Android offering nine, aircraft-specific checklists for Infinite Flight. Simply click on the badge below to open the C750 checklist directly in the app. We hope that you don’t only incorporate it into your flight during this event but in every single one of your flights! To learn more about the app, check out IF Checklists’ IFC Thread.


Event NOTAM’s

1.) Follow ALL Instructions Given By Me
2.) Don’t begin taxiing until I have and follow me directly unless told not to.
3.) Make sure to fuel up before making your journey
4.) We are IFR for this flight.
5.) Have Fun Flying GA!

Flight Plan

Cruise Altitude - 29,000ft
Cruise Speed - 320knts

Attendance List

Gate Pilot Callsign IFGAC?
GA 15 @Balloonchaser BCHASER
GA 16 @Senneca SEN-FLY
GA 17 @Ryan_Vidad HP-10
GA 19 @Kaj IFA1

More Slots available

Can’t make the event?

Don’t be all bummed out! You can watch us with the lovely app/website; LiveFlight. LiveFlight is a free application on the Apple Store and is Infinite Flight’s Leading Flight Tracker! With LiveFlight, not only can you track your flight… But you can do so much more!

Read More about the LiveFlight app.

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Check Out The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Club Thread - The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey

Club Website - https://ga-club.weebly.com/



Event is today! Sign up!

Can I join this Event?


Yes, anyone and everyone can join this event. IFGAC are merely hosting, you should come along

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What Callsign would you like to fly under for this event?

The callsign i would like is : SEN-FLY

Roger. GA 16 is yours!

Event is in 1 Hour!

Sign me up!

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Can i get a gate

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Spawn In! Lets Roll!

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GA 17 is yours

GA 18 is all yours!

what are the flaps for takeoff and landing speeds for this jet?

140-150knts with 15* flaps

@VirginPride Are you joining us? ;)

Let’s keep good separation here lads :)

Looking good so far!

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Reminder ^^

Whoever is in the event currently (@Senneca)

Descend to 18,000 ft slow (-800/-1000 VS). Maintain speed of 320knts

@Senneca - Continue Descent to 12K. Slow to 300knts

@Senneca - Continue Descent to 5k. Slow to 240knts

landing speed?