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TBM Channel Hop

Have you heard of the new big craze? They don’t have jet engines but they have Propellers! That’s right… Its General Aviation Aircraft! (+ C750)

Here at the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club, we see the future of Infinite Flight turning from Airliners to General Aviation and we want to show everyone else what we see! Like when was the last time that you have seen a Full GA Only Event? Now every week (maybe x2 a week) you will see a General Aviation Related Event Posted in many different time zones (as our club is fully international)

Take A Look At The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Daher TBM-930 [Any Livery]

Departure Airport - Belfast International Airport [EGAA]

Departure Time - 1800Z Sunday, October 14, 2018 6:00 PM

Projected Flight Time - 30 Minutes [30Min]

Arrival Airport - Prestwick Airport [EGPK]


1.) Follow ALL Instructions Given By Me
2.) Departing / Arrival Runways Are Not Chosen Till Event Time. You’ll Hear…
3.) Prior To Taxi… Don’t Move Until I Move OR I Tell You To Move.
4.) We Are Primary VFR… But We Will Follow a VFR Sectional Chart
5.) We have a suggested Altitude and Flight Plan but you don’t have to fly the suggested… But Speed MUST Stay the same throughout the group!
6.) Have Fun Flying GA!

VFR Aeronautical Chart https://skyvector.com/

Flight Plan

Suggested Cruise Altitude - 5,500ft

Cruise Speed - 160knts

Ramp Assignment’s @ EGAA

Ramp Pilot Callsign IFGAC?
GA 01 @Balloonchaser BCHASER
GA 02 @Xpira N5RM
GA 03 @Chris_Wing HB-CHW
GA 04 @2003iggy Z-IGGY
GA 05 @Skyler.Cooper SC07T
Gate 09 @The_Geniusman GENIUS
Gate 10 @Alex_Lopresti P-ALEX
Gate 11 @Takeoff_Aviation TAKE-OFF
Gate 12 @Nick_Wing HB-NRW
Gate 13 @MrMrMan N428LA
Gate 14 @BlueAcidball DING-LAN
Gate 15 @airbavaria DABAV
Gate 16 @AZA.DAL.610 I-AZURI
Gate 17 @jantheman
Gate 18 @Jay_Roman

More Available Once Filled

Check Out The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Club Thread - The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey
Club Website - https://ga-club.weebly.com/



I can’t miss this! Prestwick is my home airport. Sign me up.

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Sign me up! Can’t wait for this. HB-CHW

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Sign me up, Z-IGGY :)

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Sign me up

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Put me down on the list Balloon

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Sign me up :)

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" BOY DO I LOVE LIVEFLIGHT " - balloonchaser

" BOY DO I LOVE FLEXTAPE " -balloonchaser

" BOY DO I LOVE FLEXGLUE " -balloonchaser


A Ballonchaser event 🤔? Oh yeah sign me up


I’ll Add You Guys In a Bit…

Continue to sign up though 😉

Sign me up please! Looks like a nice short hop to fly. HB-NRW/G-NICK


GA 02 - @ThomasR
GA 03 - @Chris_Wing
GA 04 - @2003iggy
GA 05 - @Skyler.Cooper
Gate 09 - @The_Geniusman
Gate 10 - @Alex_Lopresti
Gate 11 - @Takeoff_Aviation
Gate 12 - @Nick_Wing

Thanks for joining! Hope to see many more join us on this hop tomorrow! :)


I’m guessing that you want to sign up eh?


Great job guys :)

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Hi , I am in. DABAV IFGAC

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We are just under 2 Hours until our event occurs!

Sign Up Now :)

Event is in 1 Hour!


Gate 14, Callsign DING-LAN
Please I have to join! (this is the first time I ever did that in an event btw)

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Gates Added

Gate 13 - @MrMrMan
Gate 14 - @BlueAcidball
Gate 15 - @airbavaria
Gate 16 - @AZA.DAL.610

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