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New Years Eve Party @ St. Barths - Hop To St. Barth’s [Part II]

Presented By The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Every year, there is a New Years Eve party in St. Barths. This party is attended by the worlds most wealthy and famous. For this party, these people bring their private jets and their mega yachts to the island of St. Maarten to then take a charter plane or helicopter over to the nearby island of St. Barths. They usually fly in prior to Christmas or the weekend before New Years.

This event will be in two parts. Part 1, being the corporate fly in of SXM. Part 2 will be the charter hop over to SBH. Come join us on both!

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Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft -
Cessna 208 Caravan

Departure Airport - Princess Juliana International Airport [TNCM]

Departure Time - 1800Z Tuesday, December 31, 2019 6:00 PM

Arrival Airport - Saint Bartholomew International Airport [TFFJ]

Flight Details

Cruising Speed - 140 knts

Cruising Altitude - 3,500 ft

Maintain 3-5 NM of Spacing!

Use FPLtoIF.com

Spawn Spots

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY pilots in the Infinite Flight Community! Comment with this information below:

Celebrity/Person on Board:

Gate Pilot Callsign IFGAC
GA West Apron 01 @Balloonchaser Balloonchaser ✔️
GA West Apron 02
GA West Apron 03 @ILOVE7879-2.0 C-GSZY ✔️
GA West Apron 10 @charlesacosta163 IFC28N0
GA West Apron 11 @anon38496261 6AS ✔️
GA Apron B01 @Gabe_Z N513MN ✔️
GA Apron B02 @PlaneGeek JAY-636 ✔️
GA Apron B03 @Eseriess SACO 99
GA Apron B04 @Will_A N316WA ✔️
GA Apron C02 @anon41771314 LATTE
GA Apron C03 @Ecoops123 EC-123 ✔️
GA Apron C04 @David_Mullen N53U ✔️
GA Apron C05 @AryaTheLivingMeme N711PZ
GA Apron C06 @2003iggy Z-IGGY ✔️
GA Apron C07 @FLY_BOII31 F-OISM ✔️
GA Apron C08 @anon24319801 JAT001
GA Apron C09 @HiFlyer IAV ✔️
GA Apron C10 @James_Digby N150FD ✔️
GA Apron E01 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk K-JARO ✔️
GA Apron E02 @EyesSkyward N208LD
GA Apron E03 @PlaneStyle N198AM
GA Apron E07 @TRDubh Dragon 344
Remote Stand B02 @Freakish_Gamer N930TX

More Slots can be added as this event fills

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pending time for me to join, i’d love to take part!

Callsign: mwe2187
Celebrity: since its a Mass Hop, ill bring in @Hopperbolic

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Callsign 2020
Famous dude: @Ecoops123


I’ll be in!

Callsign: N150FD
James D

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I’ll be drinking champagne in the back seats 🤞🥂

Happy new year! 😂


The timing works really well this time add me a gate please!

Callsign: K-JARO

I don’t get the “person on board” space.

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Sign me up plz

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Sign me up for now, I’ll see If I can come.

Callsign: JAT001

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Sign me up!
Callsign: N208LD
Celebrity/Person on Board: Remains a mystery

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I’ll try to make it, but I have a commitment that runs right up until the time the event starts, but my commitment usually runs over time wise. So I’ll try my best to make it.

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Sign me up (idk if im going to make it though but ill see)

Callsign: IFC28N0
Person on Board: An IFC member

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Hey! Sign me up!

Callsign: 6AS (the callsign version of N096AS)
Celebrity: A certain person named Kat (I don’t know if anyone’s heard of her tho. I know her, so that’s who I’m taking :)

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I can come! Callsign: N513MN.

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Sign me up please!
Callsign JAY-636

Special person on board: Misha’s Unicorn


Sign me up
Callsign: Glider-1

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How do we know what gate to spawn at?

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Check main post now. Updated the gates ☺️

@mwe2187 - GA West Apron 02 is yours!
@ILOVE7879-2.0 - Yay! GA West Apron 03 is all yours!
@James_Digby - GA West Apron 04 has your name on it 😉
@Kuba_Jaroszczyk see you in the GA West Apron 05 on New Years Eve!
@FLY_BOII31 - GA West Apron 06
@anon24319801 - West Apron 07 is yours!
@EyesSkyward - GA West Apron 08 is all yours!
GA West Apron 09 is for you @FrankieFremont
@charlesacosta163 - GA West Apron 10 is yours
@anon38496261 - GA West Apron 11 is yours. What’s your IFGAC name?
@Gabe_Z - GA Apron B01 is all yours! Nice to see you!
GA Apron B02 - @PlaneGeek. Are you in IFGAC? I swear that you were.
@Steven_Tellmann - GA Apron B03 is all yours! :)



Yes I am :)


I’ll come. I’ll be taking Nick Young, a billionaire from Singapore. If you know where that’s from I love you.

I’m in IFGAC.

See you there!

Also, is a runway 10 landing possible at TFFJ? The terrain is completely messed up in IF.