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New Years Eve Party @ St. Barths - SXM Corporate Fly-In

Presented By The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Every year, there is a New Years Eve party in St. Barths. This party is attended by the worlds most wealthy and famous. For this party, these people bring their private jets and their mega yachts to the island of St. Maarten to then take a charter plane or helicopter over to the nearby island of St. Barths. They usually fly in prior to Christmas or the weekend before New Years.

This event will be in two parts. Part 1, being the corporate fly in of SXM. Part 2 will be the charter hop over to SBH. Come join us on both!

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Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft -
Airbus 318-100 ACJ
Boeing 737-700 BBJ
Boeing 737-900 BBJ
Boeing 747-8 BBJ
Cessna 208 Caravan
Cessna Citation X (C750)
Daher TBM-930
MD-11 Private

Departure Airport - Of Your Choice

Arrival Time - 0100Z Monday, December 30, 2019 1:00 AM

Arrival Airport - Princess Juliana International Airport [TNCM]

How To Pick Your Routes

First, pick what aircraft you would like to fly. C208 should be used for short haul routes from other Caribbean Islands. The C750/TBM930+ Should be used on routes from North/South/Central America, Europe, etc. Secondly, you should take into account how much time the route would take you. Once you request these things below, you will receive a landing slot/time as well as a โ€œPlanned Departure Timeโ€.

Use FPLtoIF.com to create your Flightplans - Please research your flightplan before this event

Fly-In Slots

Reserving a landing slot is easy and open to ANY pilots in the Infinite Flight Community! Comment with this information below:

Departure Time:
Departure Airport:
Requested Landing Slot:
Celebrity/Person on Board:

Slot Pilot Callsign Aircraft Origin Airport IFGAC
0100Z @Balloonchaser Balloonchaser C750 MBPV โœ”
0102Z @FLY_BOII31 F-OISM C750 TNCC โœ”
0104Z @HelloSkyMan H-SKWHY B737BBJ KAUS โœ”
0106Z @Lovethisgame LOVEU B737BBJ KLGA
0108Z @TRDubh Dragon 344 B748BBJ GCTS โœ”
0110Z @LegendaryRoro88 B88779 RCTP
0112Z @Sashaz55 N186BC C750 KISP โœ”
0114Z @EyesSkyward N930DR TBM930 TTPP
0116Z @David_Mullen N601JT C750 17FL โœ”
0118Z @FrankieFremont N350VH A350 TJSJ โœ”

More Slots can be added as this event fills

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Callsign: H-SKWHY
Aircraft: 737-700BBJ
Departure Time: 2100Z
Departure Airport: KAUS
Requested Landing Slot: 0104

Iโ€™ll be bringing Mr. McConaughey ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Call sign- LOVEU

Aircraft- 737-BBJ (Purple)

Departure time- 2230ZULU

Departure airport- KLGA

Requested landing slot-0106 ZULU

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Roger that sir! Mr. McConaughey is lucky to have such a great pilot!

Just note that FBO dispatcher calculated that the flight will take approximately 5 Hours. You might want to bump your departure time up a tad for a buffer.

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Okie Dokie! I have you coming in from LaGuardia at 0106Z. Who will be onboard this flight? :P

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Callsign: F-OISM
Aircraft: Cessna Citation X (C750)
Departure Time: 2245Z
Departure Airport: TNCC
Requested Landing Slot: 0102Z
Celebrity/Person on Board: Prins Willem Alexander and Mรกxima Zorreguieta


Captain Joe ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Ooh. Dutch Royalty joining us. :)

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This event is coming up! Come grab a spot!

Callsign: Dragon 344

Aircraft: 747-8 BBJ

Departure Airport: TBD

Slot: 01:08Z

POB: Misha


Alrighty! Iโ€™ll see you and Misha there ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚

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Event Begins In Less Than 2 Days! Hope to see yall there!

Can only the aircraft listed be used, or could I fly another aircraft in generic livery?

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Any Corporate Aircraft (generic) is acceptable for this event. Which one are you considering?

Um, Iโ€™m not completely sure yet. Possibly the A359 or B777-200. I may also possibly still use one of the aircraft in the list above. I was just curious as to if I could use other generic aircraft. Thanks for the info though!

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Callsign: B88779
Aircraft: B777-200LR or A350-900
Departure Time: TBD
Departure Airport: RCTP
Requested Landing Slot: 0110Z
Celebrity/Person on Board: Saint ่–็ต็Ÿณ(Famous YouTuber from Taiwan) and his wife


Roger. Just let me know when you figure it out. :)

Roger. Will mark you down. For that, it seems to be a 19 hour flight. Glad to see a fun long haul with a famous YouTuber onboard :)

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Did you use the FPilot link to figure out it was 19 hours?

I use travelmath and FPLtoIF to calculate flight time