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St. Barth’s New Years Evening Party

Don’t we just love billionaire parties?!?

Today we are going to hop in our C208’s from St. Maarten and take a quick flight to St. Barth’s to transport the billionaires over from their private jets at SXM to the grand New Years Party!! Come join us as we take in the amazing scenery!

Here at the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club, we see the future of Infinite Flight turning from Airliners to General Aviation and we want to show everyone else what we see! Like when was the last time that you have seen a Full GA Only Event? Now twice every week you will see a General Aviation Related Event Posted in many different time zones (as our club is fully international)

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Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - C208 [Any Private Livery]

Departure Airport - Princess Juliana International Airport [TNCM]

Departure Time - 2300Z Monday, December 31, 2018 11:00 PM

Projected Flight Time - 10 Minutes [10Min]

Arrival Airport - St. Barthélemy International [TFFJ]


1.) Follow ALL Instructions Given By Me
2.) Runway 10 Departure at TNCM and Runway 10 Arrival at TFFJ
3.) Prior To Taxi… Don’t Move Until I Move OR I Tell You To Move.
4.) We Are Primary VFR.
5.) We have a suggested Altitude and Flight Plan but you don’t have to fly the suggested… But Speed MUST Stay the same throughout the group!
6.) Have Fun Flying GA!

VFR Aeronautical Chart https://skyvector.com/

Flight Plan

Suggested Cruise Altitude - 4,500

Cruise Speed - 130knts

Ramp Assignment’s @ TNCM

Ramp Pilot Callsign IFGAC?
GA 01 @Balloonchaser BCHASER
GA 02 @JacksonAviation N354BF
GA 03 @MrMrMan N4EM
GA 04 @Plane-Train-TV N179PT
GA 05 @Boeing773ER VH-ZWE
GA 06 @GlobalFlyer1
GA 07 @Aceorbit CREMSODA
GA 08
GA 09
GA 10
GA 11
GA 12
GA 13

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Club Thread - The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey
Club Website - https://ga-club.weebly.com/



I’ll be GA 02 (we don’t have to be in the GA club, right?)


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I’ll take GA03. Callsign will be N4EM, I’m with the IFGAC. ;)

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Am I surprised you chose TNCM? No. I’ll take a gate

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Would like a gate for VH-ZWE. Looks like great fun! I’m not with the IFGAC though…

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Do you have to be in the club?

I will also take a gate and I will decide my callsign later…Thanks

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You do not have to be apart of the club to join this event

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Ok, I’ll be there then, in GA 02 as N354BF

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I’ll take a spot please as CREMSODA

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All GA Ramps Updated & Additional Ramps Added

Spawn In your assigned gates!

Im Currently on vacation so I’ll be solo-deviced tonight

Cant Come?
Watch us on LiveFlight!




Don’t Hit The AP Button and just go! Make a nice VFR path for yourself and enjoy the event 😊

Lets Roll!

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@JacksonAviation @Aceorbit please follow Speed outlined

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Oooooof I crashed because I did not see the mountain as I could see the airport through it so I did not realize…I think an approach from 28 would have been easier…


Same, I also did that

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IRL, they use Runway 10 and do the mountain nosedive. Should have added that in the NOTAM (whoops)…

Well anyways

Thanks for joining us! Us, at the IFGAC would like to wish you a very happy new year!

Come Join Us

This also would have been relayed over a group PM if I had a second device available atm… Currently vacationing in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas

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