[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club || Montebello Winter Fly-In Event @ Ottawa River - 271800ZJAN19 || Powered By LiveFlight

I’ll try to be coming

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ACVA Pilots, make sure to put your callsign in when you signup!

I’ll sign up too
Xpira - ACVA003
PedroG - ACVA137
Aidan - ACVA144

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@Aceorbit @Xpira @AZA.DAL.610 @PedroG @airbavaria @AIDAN101 - What will your departing airport be for the fly-in?

Theres are the Airport that’s are in a 15-30 minute range. Pick one to fly in from (or pick an airport further away)

@AZA.DAL.610 @PedroG @AIDAN101 - What aircraft would you like to fly? (SR22, C208, C172, Decathlon)

Would you still like to come? The event is in 2 Hours

I’ll come from CYGK

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Event Is In 2 Hours! Can’t Come to this event?

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C208 from Montreal pls

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I’ll be flying the SR-72 (not the son of the blackbird) I’ll decide what airport after I land my current flight

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Event Begins In Less Than 45 Minutes!

Reminder - This is a FlyIn Event so plan accordingly to land around the time of the event!

  • Casual Server


We will be using the Red Visual Approach!

Field Conditions -

Runway is getting set up by our Safety Team, Winds are rocking 25knts on ground so it should make for a fun time!

Last Chance To Sign Up!

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I’ll try to follow the map to the best of my ability

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Yeah as a waypoint set ALSET to TAKOL… The landing field will be where the 4 safety officers have created a runway. Towards the end you’ll have to deviate form the FPL a bit for a nice turn into short final

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The Pilots Are Inbound! :)

Track us On LiveFlight!

Hey I’ll just come from nearby just for company :)


You’re Missing Out!

I’ll depart from CYMX and will use the C208

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Fly-In Begins Now!

(Runway is set up - We have a 3 point system instead of 4 due to budget issues… .-.)

Gotta run, sorry

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@Jakey2_0 - GA only please…

@Zachary_Rodavich - This is a GA event. A DH8D isnt GA. land if you wish, but whatever… :/