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Incoming! Make Way For The Next Big Thing!

Have you heard of the new big craze? They don’t have jet engines but they have Propellers! That’s right… Its General Aviation Aircraft! (+ C750)

Here at the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club, we see the future of Infinite Flight turning from Airliners to General Aviation and we want to show everyone else what we see! Like when was the last time that you have seen a Full GA Only Event? Now every week (maybe x2 a week) you will see a General Aviation Related Event Posted in many different time zones (as our club is fully international)

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Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Cessna 208 Caravan [Any Livery]

Departure Airport - Kahului Airport [PHOG]

Departure Time - 1800Z Saturday, September 1, 2018 6:00 PM

Projected Flight Time - 30 Minutes [30Min]

Arrival Airport - Daniel K. Inouye International Airport [PHNL]


1.) Follow ALL Instructions Given By Me or ATC (If Provided - You never know)
2.) Departing / Arrival Runways Are Not Chosen Till Event Time. You’ll Hear…
3.) Prior To Taxi… Don’t Move Until I Move OR I Tell You To Move.
4.) We Are Primary VFR… But We Will Follow a VFR Sectional Chart
5.) We have a suggested Altitude and Flightplan but you don’t have to fly the suggested… But Speed MUST Stay the same throughout the group!
6.) Have Fun Flying GA!

VFR Aeronautical Chart https://skyvector.com/

Flight Plan

Suggested Cruise Altitude - 6,500ft

Cruise Speed - 140knts

Ramp Assignment’s @ PHOG

Ramp Pilot Callsign IFGAC?
GA 01 @Balloonchaser BCHASER
GA 02 @DeerCrusher DeerCrusher
GA 03 @Jmacd20 JMACD
GA 04 @The_Geniusman GENIUS
GA 05 @anon88794458 Down Under
GA 06 @TenMileJones NOTGOOD
GA 07 @Rynjil_H C-RHAR
GA 08 @tomthetank N21TH
GA 09 @2003iggy Z-IGGY
GA 10 @Evan_Guffey N806EA
Commuter Air 01 @IanD BOE-ING
Commuter Air 02 @AsternAviation N21AD
Commuter Air 03 @Matrooxien M-ALEX
Commuter Air 04 @Pranjal_Agrawal IA9501
Commuter Air 05 @Playr_Mar WB-81
Commuter Air 06 @leon332157 GA257
Commuter Air 07 @TheInitialVirus V1RUS
Commuter Air 08 @Plane-Train-TV N179PT
Cargo 01 @Gussy.03 CNBS1
Cargo 02 @classbravo553 N783KM
Cargo 03 @anon70624511 THOR
Gate 01 @maeyo T-HICC
Gate 05 @Nathan N617NH
Gate 07 @KSJCRampAgent N501RA
Gate 09 @anon81054369 H-SKWHY
Gate 11 @Brayden_McNeal BM8-50
Gate 13 @Anshul28 IFSFG075
Gate 15A @OC212 G-OCAST
Gate 15 @cjthew91 C-THEW
Gate 15B @iSxythe ANGEL
Gate 17 @Alex_Coffey AJC127
Gate 19 @Plnelovr N23JK
Gate 21 @bobo2345 N824JB
Gate 23 @Luka_Mac_Lennan NXLT
Gate 27 @Freddiefrogs G-FROG
Gate 29 @HadenJohnson H145NJ
Gate 33 @Trio N1T3
Gate 35 @Captain_Awerty AWR04LP
Gate 39 @SF34 N152SE

More Available Once Filled

Check Out The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Club Thread - The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey
Club Website - https://ga-club.weebly.com/

Space To Tag People Who Requested To Be Tagged




I’ll take a spot please with IFGAC, GA 03 as ACER-5. :)

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May I have a spot mr balloony. Callsign: GENIUS
I’m am part of IFGAC

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Ooh… a glider! I should be able to attend, N228AC, and no. I am not IFGAC


I’d like to attend, callsign NOTGOOD

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I’d like to partake in this event.

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What’s that now?

I’ll take a gate @Balloonchaser, N21TH

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Put me down for a gate please, Z-IGGY

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@Balloonchaser put me down Callsign N806EA

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No engines means no powered flight. I know BallonBoy was meaning jet engines.


Oh @Balloonchaser the CCX has jet engines…

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Hey man this sounds great. You had me at VFR😁
I’ll take any gate. You know I’m definitely reppin the IFGAC!!!👍🏿👍🏿
Callsign: WB-81

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Time to add more gates xD

@Balloonchaser Callsign-NBSYT

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The gates are full, so I’ll take any gate in the airport i guess.

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What callsign would you like? Commuter Air 01 is yours

More Gates Are Open Folks :)

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Alright Baboon, I’ll take a gate.


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Sign me up👍 M-ALEX 😉

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Commuter Air 02 is all yours!

Roger! Commuter Air 03 is yours! See you in a week