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Event 5 - Cheers to the year - IFGAC Style

Ready for a new adventure? The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club Is Officially a year old! It’s time to continue flying the IF skies for another 365! The staff at the IFGAC would like to thank everyone who has flown with us and supported us for the past year and we are so excited to continue exploring the skies at a slow pace!

Event Details - Greek Landin’

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Cessna 208 Caravan [C208]

Departure Airport - Ikaria [LGIK]

Departure Time - 0400Z Friday, August 23, 2019 4:00 AM

Arrival Airport - Athens International [LGAV]

Flight Time - 40 Minutes

Cruise Altitude - 7,500ft

Cruise Speed - 160 knts


Terrain Map - Skyvector.com


Gate Pilot Callsign
GA 01 [But Moving Out of way] @Balloonchaser Balloonchaser
GA 01 @AviatorGamerYT
GA 02
GA 03

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This event is for our friends who usually don’t get a good event time. Event begins in 30 minutes! Sign Up Now!

Wish I could join, but still in school :(

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Ah darn! What time do you guys get out? 2? 3?

3pm Australian time and then I have like an hour train ride home

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I can join

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Roger. GA 01 is all yours. I’ll be spawning in now and moving out of your way. Not expecting the event to fill though due to timing

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Event Begins In 5 Minutes! Sign Up Now!

When I get home, I’ll send an application for IFGAC!


Spawn In! Clear Props! It’s just me and you bud and we are rolling! 😂

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Just a reminder. It’s gonna be a beautiful flight

On behalf of The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club, Thank you for attending this event @AviatorGamerYT!

Join The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club: https://ga-club.weebly.com



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