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Event 3 - Cheers to the year - IFGAC Style

Ready for a new adventure? The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club Is Officially a year old! It’s time to continue flying the IF skies for another 365! The staff at the IFGAC would like to thank everyone who has flown with us and supported us for the past year and we are so excited to continue exploring the skies at a slow pace!

Event Details - Bush Flying

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Cubcrafters XCub [CC-19]

Departure Airport - Juneau Airport [PAJN]

Departure Time - 2300Z Tuesday, August 20, 2019 11:00 PM

Arrival Airport - Juneau Airport [PAJN]

Flight Time - 20 Minutes

Cruise Altitude - Pilots Discretion

Cruise Speed - 100knts

FPL - VFR [PAJN-PAJN - Base FPL will be made for reference]

Terrain Map - Skyvector.com


Gate Pilot Callsign
GA Apron West 01 @Balloonchaser BCHASER
GA Apron West 02 @Gabe_Z N513MN
GA Apron West 03 @Ignas04 LIT001
GA Apron West 04 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk N544YT
GA Apron West 05 @Will_A N316WA
GA Apron West 06 @NBSYT NBSYT
GA Apron West 07 @ThomasThePro T-HOMAS
GA Apron West 08 @Steven_Tellmann N1476U
GA Apron West 09 @Flying_Pencil P-ENCIL
GA Apron West 10 @Everything_Matthew N1017M
GA Apron West 11 @Altaria55 ALT55
GA Apron West 12 @HelloSkyMan H-SKWHY
GA Apron West 13

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Club Website - https://ga-club.weebly.com/



Sign me up!

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If I don’t get knocked out from sleep deprivation, I’ll gladly come!

Callsign LIT001

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I am back from holidays! (A full month without flying). I will hop in this one. I love Alaska too!

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Sign me up! Callsign N316WA

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I’ll come over to have a look in my private MD-11 - NBSYT

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Hasn’t the 19th of August allready been?

Sign me up T-HOMAS

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Have fun, guys. I’m not qualified yet to fly an X-Cub.

The event is today in 3 hours. The 202300ZAUG19 means that the event is on the 20th of August at 2300Z in 2019

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I haven’t updated my callsign here on the fourm. :facepalm: My callsign is now N513MN.

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Sign me up!!

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Would you still like a spot?

Roger! GA Apron West 02 is yours

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Cooleo. #DontSleep

GA Apron West 03 is yours

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Welcome back! GA Apron West 04 is yours

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Roger. GA Apron West 05 is all yours

Private MD-11 XCub. Sweet! GA Apron West 06 is yours

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GA Apron West 07 is all yours

The xcub is certainly not for everyone but there’s no such thing as not qualified :)