[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Cheers To The Year - 1 Year Anniversary Week | #1 | @ VNKT - 182000ZAUG19 | Powered By LiveFlight

Ugh app crash.

WiFi is really bad cus i’m Not home 😬

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All good dude. Take up the back :)

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Alright lads! As we approach the airport, maintain spacing, Slow down and enjoy the approach!

Try to follow the chart to the best of your ability:


NOTE: If you dont have visual by MAPT 4 DME VNLK… Follow Missed approach route

Descend to 13000 and then follow chart from there!

Dont forget to communicate via Unicom and watch your surroundings!

Awesome landing @Edivan_dcds. Awesome event overall! Thanks everyone for coming!

Join The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club - https://ga-club.weebly.com/

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Thanks for the flight everyone! I really enjoyed it!

IFGAC, Congratulations with your 1 year anniversary!


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