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Event 1 - Cheers to the year - IFGAC Style

Ready for a new adventure? The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club Is Officially a year old! It’s time to continue flying the IF skies for another 365! The staff at the IFGAC would like to thank everyone who has flown with us and supported us for the past year and we are so excited to continue exploring the skies at a slow pace!

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Cessna 208 Caravan [C208]

Departure Airport - Kathmandu Tribhuvan International [VNKT]

Departure Time - 2000Z Sunday, August 18, 2019 8:00 PM

Arrival Airport - Tenzing-Hilary / Lukla Airport [VNLK]

Flight Time - 30 Minutes

Cruise Altitude - 14,500ft

Cruise Speed - 160knts

FPL - VNKT 2741N/8526E IGRIS D102T KIMTI 2730N/8642E VNLK

Follow Arrival Chart -


Gate Pilot Callsign
Domestic 01 @Balloonchaser BCHASER
Domestic 02 @Chris_Hoss VH-HOSS
Domestic 03 @HelloSkyMan H-SKWHY
Domestic 04 @Ben_W G-B3NW
Domestic 05 @Kansas_Scotty N145FP
Domestic 06 @Edivan_dcds EMD-NL
Domestic 07 @Altaria55 ALT55
Domestic 08

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I would like a gate please @Balloonchaser


I can’t attend, i shall on shcool tomorow and i must sleep when the Event begins

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All good dude. There will be a IFGAC event every day this week ☺️

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Domestic 02 is all yours Sir

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I can attend! May I please have gate

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@Balloonchaser I’ll take a gate please :)

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I’ll give it a try. Please assign me a gate.

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You may! Domestic 03 is yours!

Domestic 04 is all yours

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You bet! Domestic 05 is yours!

Aand can I get Domestic 06? I hope I’m able to make it!!

Callsign: EMD-NL

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Domestic 06 is all yours!

Event Begins In 10 Minutes!

Sign me up :$

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Domestic 07 is all yours :$

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Event Is Starting! Begin Spawning In

@HelloSkyMan @Altaria55 Spawn In

Clear Props! Lets Roll! :)


Just a reminder