[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club || Celtic Sea Journey @ EGFF - 132000ZJAN19 || Powered By LiveFlight


Thanks! I just don’t feel like being in any slacks right now. If their is another way let me know, but thanks anyways! See you at the event!


Would you still like a gate?


I’ll take a gate


no sorry, saw the date wrongly


I will snag a gate. See ya there!


Actually I have a conflicting event, remove me please.


Roger. GA S06 is yours :)


All good! Hope to see you at a future event @Luke_Sta @Rishon_R


Event Is In 1 Hour

Don’t forget that we are spawning in 5 Minutes Early - Updated Weather Report Will Be Out In 30 Minutes. Start Pre-Startup Checklist When You Spawn In

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Ah sorry can’t make it. I got to go to eat with my family.


I’ll take GA Apron 2 please. Callsign : HP-10


Okay! GA Apron 02 is yours


Current Weather NOTAM For The Area

EGFF [Cardiff Intl]
Visibility: 6+ sm
METAR: EGFF 131920Z AUTO 30021KT 9999 BKN026 OVC036 10/09 Q1015

EGTE [Exeter Arpt]
Visibility: 6+ sm
METAR: EGTE 131920Z 31014KT 9999 BKN018 10/08 Q1017

To The East - Bristol

EGGD [Bristol Intl]
Visibility: 6+ sm
METAR: EGGD 131920Z AUTO 27016KT 9999 BKN028 09/08 Q1014

To The South-West

EGHQ [Newquay/Cornwall Arp]
Visibility: 4.97 sm
METAR: EGHQ 131920Z 30020KT 8000 BKN008 10/09 Q1020


Spawn In!

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If you are at this event but not in the Event PM. Let me know ;)


Oh boy do I love how IFC takes the quality out of my LiveFlight Screenshots!

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Thanks For Flying GA This Weekend! We Hope That You Had A Fun Time!

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