[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Around The World In a TBM - Leg 6 @ MPTO - 232000ZMAY19 | Powered By LiveFlight

You bet! FBO Signature Flight Support 04 is all yours!

Event Begins In 2 Hours!

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Thanks Much!

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I have to withdraw something came up

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Roger. Hope to see you on a future leg!

Spawn In! Let’s Roll!

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Take notice ^

I’m in! let’s roll!

How much fuel are you loading up?

2 Hour worth. Roughly 400kgs

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hmm where is everyone… 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Sorry I was 10 mins late, something came up. Catching up


Are we gonna descend soon?

Sorry I had to drop out. Lots of phone calls for my work.

@Balloonchaser is gone lol looks like were on our own

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Didn’t expect this runway to be so narrow haha

Thanks for coming guys… Had some connection issues towards the end! See you all next week! 🎈

Thanks for the flight!

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Oops, I thought it was this weekend, I only just saw the gate, nevermind… next week.

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