[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Around The World In a TBM - Leg 10 @ TFFF - 202200ZJUN19 | Powered By LiveFlight

My callsign is BCHASER… it cant get any more random then that. So yes lol

How about Blob

Gate please I should join quickly as soon as possible

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Alright guys just checked the whether and looks like the wind should be decent. The cruise at FL 160 should be great! They are some tiny storms popping up in Cuba but I bet they will die off easily. They also are not really heading towards us. Should be great wheather!


The wind at Surface level is slightly windy by the way. We may get some gulf wind while landing

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Tie Down 08 is all yours!


Hey can I join I’m spawned in

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I am spawned in communicating on IFC.

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Yeah sure! Tie Down 09 is all yours!

Runway 10 is in use. Use Unicom & Remember -


Closing doors

Clear Props! Lets Roll! Follow the person to your right!

I’ll jump on and see what’s happening. Can’t stay for the flight though. Enjoy!

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Forgot to announce taxi rip

Higher winds then I expected on takeoff

Still doable. lol

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Lets work on perfect spacing once we all get up in the air


I wish the islands weren’t covered in white cause the clouds

Cruise speed @Balloonchaser? I’m at 255 knots airspeed.

Everyone seems to be going faster then 240… but yeah 240 knots is the cruise speed

Stay at 240 that’s why your going faster then me. Btw I’m behind you