[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Around The World In a TBM - Leg 1 @ KVNY - 182200ZAPR19 | Powered By LiveFlight


Callsign: DLVA0320
Parking Spot: Hangar Aerolease West 07
Member of IFGAC: No
Member of DLVA: Yes
@Balloonchaser I can’t wait to fly around the world in the awesome TBM!!!


So excited! [Hangar] Aerolease West 07 is yours!


Hangar: Aerolease West 08
Member of DLVA - Yes


Cancel my sign up please :)


Callsign: N285BF
Parking spot: Anywhere would be great
Member of IFGAC: Yes


Congrats on your first post to this community!! [Hangar] Aerolease West 05 is yours!


Sign Me up

Callsign: NC454
Parking Reference: any space is ok
DLVA: getting approval hopefully will be accepted before the event!


I’ll take a hangar/gate/apron
Sorry I’m a bit late!


This will be fun. Can’t do the first event tho. I will go all out this summer. Btw I am a member of the IFGAC


Can I have Aerolease West 08?


OK, let me try this again to make sure you can tell who I am.
Can I get Aerolease West 08?
Kansas Scotty, N145FP
I didn’ t realize my GA club ID was different from my IF ID.


I’m no longer able to make the event, you can remove me.


Hmmm. My home airport. I might have to try and free my schedule 🙃 I’ll let u know if I can go ASAP


Roger! [Hangar] Aerolease West 08 is all yours!


Alright! [Hangar] Aerolease West 09 is yours! What will your callsign for this event be?


We can’t wait for the rest of this series as well! Glad that you are as excited as I am!


No but you can be right next to me! [Hangar] Aerolease West 14 is all yours!


All good man! Hope to see you on another leg in the future!


I would love to join!!

Anywhere is fine
Callsign N471H
IFGAC Member? No

This would be my first event and ill hopefully be able to follow every week


May I have a gate :)