[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Advance Australia Fair @ YBCG - 090200ZSEP18 || Powered By LiveFlight

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Advance Australia Fair!

Have you heard of the new big craze? They don’t have jet engines but they have Propellers! That’s right… Its General Aviation Aircraft! (+ C750)

Here at the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club, we see the future of Infinite Flight turning from Airliners to General Aviation and we want to show everyone else what we see! Like when was the last time that you have seen a Full GA Only Event? Now every week (maybe x2 a week) you will see a General Aviation Related Event Posted in many different time zones (as our club is fully international)

Take A Look At The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

We feel that our Australian/The Western Timezone’s don’t get many good events on IFC… So we are going to bring them one heck of a good Event… GA Style! :)

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Cirrus SR22 [Any Livery]

Departure Airport - Gold Coast Airport [YBCG]

Departure Time - 0200Z Sunday, September 9, 2018 2:00 AM

Projected Flight Time - 30 Minutes [30Min]

Arrival Airport - Brisbane Airport [YBBN]


1.) Follow ALL Instructions Given By Me
2.) Departing / Arrival Runways Are Not Chosen Till Event Time. You’ll Hear…
3.) Prior To Taxi… Don’t Move Until I Move OR I Tell You To Move.
4.) We Are Primary VFR… But We Will Follow a VFR Sectional Chart
5.) We have a suggested Altitude and Flight Plan but you don’t have to fly the suggested… But Speed MUST Stay the same throughout the group!
6.) Have Fun Flying GA!

VFR Aeronautical Chart https://skyvector.com/

Flight Plan

Suggested Cruise Altitude - 6,500ft

Cruise Speed - 140knts

Ramp Assignment’s @ YBCG

Ramp Pilot Callsign IFGAC?
GA 01 @Balloonchaser BCHASER
GA 04 @TheInitialVirus V1RUS
GA 05 @Alex_Coffey ACJ172
GA 06 @anon81054369 H-SKWHY
GA 07 @Takeoff_Aviation TAKE-OFF
GA 08 @Helicopterzzz BOBOMAN
GA 09 @hi15td HI15TD
GA 11 @Melvo077 N258QC
GA 12
GA 13
GA 14
GA 15
GA 16

More Available Once Filled

Check Out The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Club Thread - The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey
Club Website - https://ga-club.weebly.com/



Although I am unfortunately unable to participate in this one, it seems like a really cool and well thought out event. Have fun everyone!!!

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Yo sign me up… no way in world I’m missing out on this one 😛😛

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Put me down please balloon 🤘

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Is this one Saturday night at 10 PM eastern time zone? Because I love flying Miley Cirrus 😊👌🏽

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I’ll be joining! This looks great!

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Oof I’m unable to join this event due to family gatherings.

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put me down for a gate

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Sign me up please! This is gonna a be fun

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Yes it is! 10 EDT :)

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Sign me up Ballon! Yes I’m part of IFGAC

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Sign me up please if I mess up I’m sorry I have never been in a event I’ll try to be good any gate my call sign can you put Jon316

So we will be departing by 7 so I’ll be there by like 6:30 and I’ll taxi at 7 is that fine

Last thing what runway

You can arrive 5-10 minutes before the event time. That’s when everyone else would be…

The runways are decided at the time of the event

So who will tell us the information

This awesome guy called @Balloonchaser

I might so can I tell you on the day like 2 hours before that if I’m going to do it

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I’ll take any gate, callsign HI15TD, see you there

Cool count me in. I’ll be home around 10 PM …I’ll just catch up 👌🏽… I will see if I can bring my team

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