[Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | A Cub-Venture To Air-Venture - Leg #1 @ KYKM - 081700ZJUL19 | Powered By LiveFlight

Hi, stupid me mixed up Zulu and local time. Can’t make it. Next time. I’ll keep watching out for next events. Sorry . Have a great flight

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I think I’ll meet up with yall at a later date, cant join this.

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Go on then, add me 😉 Callsign FBVA1

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Roger! CubCrafters Parking 05 is all yours!

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My parking spot doesn’t work!

I’ll be spot 6


Is there a private thread for messaging? And should I change my livery?

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change livery
you are part of the GA club right ?
so talk there

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*checking what other liveries are taken

No, I’m not. I thought about it but I think I’m at the maximum amount of VA’s for this group

okay my bad

No, don’t worry, it’s not your fault at all.

I feel left out. I’m the only grade 3 here. I only need 20 more landings.

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Is there a way I can join, then leave after, because it would be helpful to see the chat, and not use this thread, to keep bumping it. This thread isnt too important now the event is starting.

Are we starting?

I’m waiting upon others to start

I will not be in full attendance as something popped up. I will be there for sown and the approach in. I will still be here communicating though.

@FLY_BOII31 will be event lead until @Chris_Hoss joins

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Sorry to hear that you cant make it. Enjoy though, I’m sure one of us will send you a replay if wished!

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RIP Lol N18CL… serves you right for having full power whilst standstill lol. I think in real world aviation they do put the throttle up to 40-50% before take off

Clear Props! Let’s Roll