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A Cub-Venture To Air-Venture

Around mid-late July, one tiny city in Wisconsin USA gets swarmed by all types of aircraft from across the globe for one week. AirVenture, hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), is a unique airshow/fly-in event that attracts over 10,000 GA aircraft every year! With full week day and night airshow performances, from both civilian to military performers, Oshkosh is the place to be if your an Avgeek! The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club Team is ready to take the XCub on a CUBVENTURE! Consisting of ~8 legs… Will you join us?

Read Up On EAA AirVenture Virtual

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - CubCrafters CC-19 XCub

Departure Airport - Yakima Air Terminal [KYKM]

Departure Time - 1700Z-2000Z Monday, July 8, 2019 5:00 PMMonday, July 8, 2019 8:00 PM

Arrival Airport - Friedman Memorial Airport [KSUN]

Flight Time - 3 Hours

Cruising Altitude - 11,500ft

Cruise Speed - 110knts


Gate Pilot Callsign
CubCrafters Parking 01 @Balloonchaser BCHASER
CubCrafters Parking 02 @Chris_Hoss VH-HOSS
CubCrafters Parking 03 @ThomasThePro N1TTP
CubCrafters Parking 04 @FLY_BOII31 FLYSXM
CubCrafters Parking 05 @Ecoops123 FBVA1
CubCrafters Parking 06
CubCrafters Parking 07 @Plnelovr X
CubCrafters Parking 08
East GA Parking 01
East GA Parking 02
East GA Parking 03
East GA Parking 04
East GA Parking 05
East GA Parking 06
East GA Parking 07
East GA Parking 08
East GA Parking 09
East GA Parking 10
East GA Parking 11
East GA Parking 12

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I’ll take a gate please

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Roger! CubCrafters Parking 02 is all yours!

I’ll join!

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Okay! CubCrafters Parking 03 is yours!

can i join??

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Sounds fun, @Balloonchaser! Another great event hosted by you! I’ll take a gate, please.

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Hi, I d love to join. DABAV .
See you

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I’ll join, callsign X

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Yes, of course! CubCrafters Parking 04 is yours!

Indeed! CubCrafters Parking 05 is all yours!

You bet! CubCrafters Parking 06 is yours!

Do you still wish to attend today’s event?

Interesting Callsign choice! CubCrafters Parking 07 is yours

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Nah I’m ok

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Roger. Hope to see you on a future leg

Event Begins In 1 Hour! Sign Up Now!


I’m so so sorry, I need to go to somewhere and I didn’t even know I needed to go there. I won’t attend, unfortunately…
I’m really sorry because I signed up today and can’t attend.

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It’s all good dude! Have fun wherever you have to go 🤙🏻

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Cheers, have a nice flight!

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