[Completed] IFEAA AirVenture Virtual Flyout @ KOSH - 041900ZAUG19 | Powered By IFGAC & IFCAS

AirVenture Virtual FlyOut

Event Details

Server - Casual Server

Aircraft - C208, SR22, XCUB, C172, Spitfire, P-38, it antithetical feasible aircraft for a Flyout

Departure Airport - Oshkosh-Wittman Regional Airport [KOSH]

Departure Time - 1900Z Sunday, August 4, 2019 7:00 PM

Arrival Airport - your choice


Departure Parking @ KOSH

Reserving a spot is open to ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!

Spot Attendee Callsign Aircraft Destination Airport
Grass Area West 157 @Balloonchaser Balloonchaser XCUB KSBM
Grass Area West 158 @KC3DLL N776DL SR22 G05
Grass Area West 159 @FLY_BOII31 PJ-WIA C172 KSBM
Grass Area West 160
Grass Area West 161
Grass Area West 162
Grass Area West 163
Grass Area West 164
Grass Area West 165
Grass Area West 166
Grass Area West 167 @AIDAN101 SPEEDCAT F-16 KMFR
Grass Area West 168 @Jack_Q N24320 F-16 KMSO

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Thread - IFEAA Airventure 2019 | Hosted by IFGAC & IFCAS


Gate please …


Yeah I will hopefully get back in time for this, so I will take an F16C, destination KMSO, callsign N24320👌


Spawning in

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Roger! Grass Area West 158 is yours!!

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Okay! Grass Area West 168 is all yours!


Event Begins In 15 Minutes

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Can I get a Gate plz

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Yeah sure. What aircraft? Where to? Callsign? :)

F-22 or F-16 I’ll decide when it starts
Callsign is SPEEDCAT
Going to KMFR or S03 (yes I know that’s a long ways)
Assign me any gate, as I have no preference

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@Balloonchaser tell me when and where we should go

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Roger. Grass Area West 167 is yours!

Spawn In. We are rolling

I’m taxing to runway 5 is that ok?

Runway 36 and 13 are open

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Note: If you are taxiing to runway 36… You must cross the runway and taxi down the right downwind side due to people traffic

Who is this F16C who is also going to missoula?

Unknown… Enjoy your flight with him ;)

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Gate please
Call sign - NO649

Just landed back at G05 after about 2 weeks in OSH

Thanks :)