[Completed πŸ’™] IFAE Global Air Forces: Hosts Airlift for Autism @EGVN 061900ZAPR19

I’ll be there as well.

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Sorry, can’t come. Something family related

No worries Nate know you would be here if you could. Hope everything is okay.

Less then 20 mins now.

Starting engines now!

I think it’s 1900z instead of 2000z

1900Z is correct.

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I’m sorry I cannot attend.
Flying for a great cause, as always.

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A very big thanks to all who attended and flew for this event. To our amazing IFATC team providing coverage to the outstanding pilots who joined I say thank you for helping make this event amazing.

I close with these words. Autism is not a monthly condition it is a life long journey. Lets continue to practice tolerance, acceptance and inclusion. Thank you all for helping me spread the awareness and remember that all the pieces of the puzzle makes everyone special and love knows no condition.

Cheers IFC till next time πŸ’™




I just saw this now. This looked like it was a great event and for a great cause. It hits close to home for me too. Wish I could have made it :(

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