[Completed] IFAE GAF's Marshal S Paddon's Recruitment/Birthday flight @ EGQL - 252100ZJUN18

Hello all,

As Euro Division Commander i am holding this flight as a way for you all to see IFAE GAF. This will be a chance for you to mix in and fly with us all.
This will also be a flight for all IFAE & GAF pilots to help me celebrate my birthday on the 26th.

The flight will be from my Local Ex Royal Air Force Base Leuchars down my Home base for GAF at Brize Norton.
The flight will have a few Touch and Goes at some RAF Bases along the way including where our fighter and tanker Squadrons are based.

The flight :
Spawn in and take off from RAF Leuchars EGQL
Fly down south with the flight plan
T&G at RAF Leeming EGXE
T&G at RAF Conningsby EGXC
T&G at RAF Mildenhall EGUN
Full stop landing at RAF Brize Norton EGVN

Aircraft types you can use
KC-10 & KDC-10

Please Request a Parking and state what aircraft you will using below

Mil Hanger Alpha 01 Myself - C-130 - CS- SC07T
Mil Hanger Alpha 02
Mil Hanger Alpha 03
Mil Hanger Alpha 04 @J9J9T - C-130
Mil Alpha 01 @Nate_Schneller - F-22
Mil Alpha 02 @David_Beckett - F-22
Mil Alpha 03 @classbravo553 - F-22
Mil Alpha 04 @Greg78 - F-22
Mil Alpha 05 @Toxic_Inferno7 - F-22
Mil Alpha 06 @ThomasR - F-22
Mil Alpha 07
Mil Alpha 08
Mil Hanger Bravo 01 @SunDown - KDC-10
_Mil Hanger Bravo 02 _ @Sliderkechu - KC-10
Mil Hanger Bravo 03 @Playr_Mar - C-130
Mil Hanger Bravo 04 @ZaneDavis - C-130
_Mil Hanger Bravo 05 _ @Jacob_Sim - KC-10
Mil Hanger Bravo 06 @Alex_Paumen - KC-10
_Mil Hanger Bravo 07 _ @Matthew_Hromek - KC-10
_Mil Hanger Bravo 08 _ @MishaCamp - TBC
Mil Hanger Bravo 09
Mil Hanger Bravo 10

Flight map and Flight info

Take off and climb to FL 150, below FL 100 fly @ 230KIAS
Cruise at FL 150 @ 270KIAS
when doing T&G’s just do one and then continue. Keep spacing for T&G’s and landing at airports but in between feelings free to group together and form up.
Would love to get a group photo

25th June 2018
Spawn 2030z
Starts at 2100z
Expert Server
Flight Plan Provided by SC07T

MRAF S Paddon
Euro CC


Hi buddy. I’ll join you if you’ll take someone from the colonies. That’s 5PM on a Monday which is my day off. I’ll put you on my calendar.

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Roger that, i will add you above

What aircraft are you bringing ??

Hello the Great British Display Team would like to participate with a sole C130j-30 if that’s ok.

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No problem at all, happy to have you along with us

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The C-130J sounds like fun.


@Skyler.Cooper can i please have a Place for my KDC-10? 😏


Of course you can Leah

Yes, Id like to join this event. I’ll be piloting the C130J

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Awesome, happy to have you join !!

I’ll be there Scott!

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Sweet, what aircraft ??

I’ll be riding my F-22


Sign me up, I will come in a KC-10

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Awesome, you will have your spot and thanks for coming

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I’ll use a KC-10 and I’ll be parked in Bravo 06

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Awesome, and yes. I do choose your spot but due to how the big the spaces are i am habing to put the big aircraft in hangers and the main spot is for fighters lol.
Thanks for signing up

I’m looking forward to your Birthday Flight, I see a lot of familiar faces which is always good. I’ll give you a Barrel Roll as a Birthday Present. Lol
See yall there


Its still going ahead guys !!! Sorry again if i have caused an inconvenience

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