[Completed] IFAE-GAF presents: Maxout Moody @ KVAD - 241800ZJUN18

Server: Expert

Airport: KVAD


Happening now

Looking for somthing to do? Join IFAE-GAF for a flash event flight. We are filling up KVAD on expert. Bring your A10 or C130.

Parking for AC

A10s will spawn in starting with A01-C18
C130Js will spawn in starting at Transiet 01- S17

Depart KVAD 2 ship flights
Rwys 36L/36R

Speeds: 230KIAS initial takeoff up to FL100. Above FL100 push 260KIAS upto cruise at FL250.

Destination: KCHS.
A10s-2 ship arrivals
C130Js staggered arrivals

Let’s see if we can break live-flight πŸ˜‰.

Flight departs in 25 mins from this post.

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We got 5 A-10s and 3 130s so far!

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