[COMPLETED] I F A E Millionaire's Invitational @ LFPB - 281600ZJUL19

I F A E Sunday Invitational
“Millionaire’s Edition”

Join us this Sunday July 28th in celebration of all pilots who have reached the amazing milestone of over 1 million exp. This flight will take place from Paris Le Bourget to Ibiza and will be done in the Cessna Citation X. Please only request a parking gate if you are over the 1 million threshold as this will be an exclusive flight dedicated to those who have spent numerous hours and flights to reach that mark. Start time and details below:

Server: EXPERT

Airport: LFPB

Time: 1600Z

Spawn time: 1530 Zulu - 8:30am PST - 11:30am EST
Pushback: 15:45Z - 8:45am PST - 11:45am EST
Estimated takeoff: 1600Z - 9am PST - 12pm EST
Starting airport: [LFPB] Paris Le Bourget
Destination: [LEIB] Ibiza

Flight Details:
FL000 to FL100: 235 KIAS
FL00 to FL280: 275 KIAS
FL280 to cruise: M.78

Server: Expert Server
In-Flight Spacing: 10 Nautical Miles

Note: Pilots SHOULD NOT go directly off of speeds listed above and should instead use the ground speed of the aircraft in front to gauge and match their ground speed to ensure a consistent 10nm spacing.

Big shoutout to everyone who has made it this far with all the patterns, long hauls and flights in between. We look forward to hosting a successful and fun event with the millionaire’s from the IFC community. At the conclusion of this flight, we will count up how much combined experience between all pilots this flight generates. Thank you all in advance and comment below if you would like a gate with how much exp you currently have. Gates will not be assigned without providing your current exp.

Parking gate assignments:

Airshow01: @art_martinez
Airshow02: @Nate_Schneller
Airshow03: @Trio
Airshow04: @Andre_S
Airshow05: @Lars
Airshow06: @nmasterson
Airshow07: @Doug_Hamilton

FBO JetEX01: @anon2063420
FBO JetEX02: @Luke_Sta
FBO JetEX03: @Kaj

FBO Air France: @Jarek_Sydry

FBO Les Compagnons Groual: @SunDown
FBO Landmark Aviation:

FBO Cessna Citation: @TheWalkingFruit

FBO Aero Stock:

FBO Embraer 01: @Aero_Contractors_Ng
FBO Embraer 02: @Sebastian9915
FBO Embraer 03: @Sherbert342
FBO Embraer 04:

FBO Airspace Museum 01:
FBO Airspace Museum 02:
FBO Airspace Museum 03:

FBO Dassault Falcon 01:
FBO Dassault Falcon 02:

Can we hit 100 million exp combined together? We will find out!


Pretty unique event idea. Dedicating to those who show dedication to Infinite Flight 👍🏻


I’m only 60000 XP short

You have 4 days! Get some patterns in!

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I would like a gate. 3,816,247XP

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Great idea but only at 400,000k xp :)

You mean just 400,000, not 400,000,000?

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I’m sure many are under that threshold. Motivation to get more patterns in and long hauls. Held back from doing this one for a long time. Look forward to have you joining us on the next one hopefully.


Gate reserved. Look forward to having you in the sky with all of us!

Have me a gate reserved for me at FBO Cessna Citation. I’m only nearing 600k xp ;-;

I do like the theme of an invitational event though, I havent seen one before

Hi @NBSYT, unfortunately we are only reserving gates for pilots who can show proof over 1 million exp. At 600,000 exp, you’re about 400k short of the event specified exp totals. Feel free to join us on the next one we post a few weeks down the line once you cross the minimum threshold that is posted on the event details.

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Will be out for the next 3 hours but will give assigned gates to those who need one over 1 million exp. For those of you close, patterns, patterns patterns.

We will host an all exp event next week but for this week only, we will hold an exclusive million exp only event for those who meet those requirements.

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I’ll snag a gate.
I might be part of the team by this weekend so might be my first IFAE flight 👀

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Awesome, can you please provide your exp totals so that we can include them in the overall total count. Will add a gate once that is provided. Thank you

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I will send them in a while as I’m currently flying.
Thank you!

sounds good, checked your application which you provided stats for and shows over 1 million so you’re good. What’s your nearest civilian airport to you in real life?

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I’ll send you a PM on the information.

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For those not able to make it due to the high bar we set:

Don’t let yourself down. We will be holding more of these. Why? It’s a reward for those who show their love for flying in Infinite Flight and a dedication to our most experienced pilots. It’s a message to keep pushing. And hey! Want a secret to get to a million faster? I’ll tell you gladly.

First, use this site: badbadweather.com. It gives you the worst winds to fly in at any given time… but these winds are the best when it comes to XP. Every smooth landing you make gives you a load of XP.

Pattern tip: Don’t do patterns as fast as you can, as your landings may not count. Landings as of now count only after it happens 30 seconds or more after the last landing. So have your mental clock handy.

Another thing is, a 787 with no passengers or cargo but fully fueled can fly up to 20 HOURS. And that gives you around 15,000 XP for every time you do that. Yes. I’ve been there.


Sign me up of course.I wouldn’t miss this for nothing.Can I get FBO JetEX03

XP: 1,044,763