COMPLETED! Hong Kong Flyout! @VHHH 092200ZFEB20

Attendees: 26

A350 Event!

We are having another one of these series of events basing off the A350! We’ll be making events regarding all the available liveries of the A350, and building our routes around it! They are usually based a few months ahead so we can get maximum attention! I hope this will be our biggest event of them all! I’ve out hours of effort into this!

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Featured A350: Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong Int’l Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is Hong Kong’s main airport, built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The airport is also referred to as Chek Lap Kok International Airport or Chek Lap Kok Airport, to distinguish it from its predecessor, the former Kai Tak Airport. I also just realised this is an out of date picture of the airport, a whole terminal is missing 😂.

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Server: Expert

Airport: VHHH

Time: Sunday 9 February, 2020 2200Z


(This will automatically convert to your timezone)

NOTAMS: A ‘ATIS’ produced by me will be released in a PM or a Slack group (depending on the amount attending), so we all know where to taxi and what to be aware of. Respect ATC/Unicom and use in the correct manner.


N Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
N20 737-800 Garuda Indonesia Jakarta WIII 4:25 @Kyle107
N22 787-9 Japan Airlines Tokyo Narita RJAA 3:35
N24 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Manila RPLL 1:40 @ButterAllDay
N26 777-200ER Korean Air Seoul RKSI 2:50
N28 787-10 EVA Air Taipei RCTP 1:05 @Prince_Sabri
N30 777-200ER United New York KEWR 14:30
N32 A350-900 Cathay Pacific London Gatwick EGKK 12:30 @8SmartFlying
N34 787-9 Etihad Abu Dhabi OMAA 8:30
N36 777-300ER Cathay Pacific London Heathrow EGLL 12:45
N60 777-300ER American Airlines Dallas KDFW 13:30
N62 A380-800 Emirates Dubai OMDB 8:25
N64 A350-900 Cathay Pacific Brisbane YBBN 7:55 @Jeremy351
N66 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Vancouver CYVR 11:00
N68 A350-900(A35K) Cathay Pacific Toronto CYYZ 14:30 @anon41771314
N70 777-300ER Air Canada Toronto CYYZ 14:30 @NBSYT
N71 A330-300 Thai Airways Bangkok VTBS 2:30
N141 A330-300 Cathay Pacific Male VRMM 6:25
N142 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Chengdu ZUUU 2:10
N143 A330-300 Fiji Airways (Generic) Nadi NFFN 9:40
N144 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacifc Phuket VTSP 3:05
N145 A321 Vietnam Airlines Ho Chi Minh City VVTS 2:10
N501 A321 Cathay Dragon Wuhan ZHHH 1:25 @majhz
N502 A321 Cathay Dragon Angeles City RPLC 1:35
N503 A320 Cathay Dragon/Generic Sanya ZJSY 1:10
N504 A320 Cathay Dragon/Generic Hanoi VVNB 1:35
N505 A321 Cathay Dragon Changsha ZGHA 1:05
N506 A321 Cathay Dragon/Generic Phnom Penh VDPP 2:15 @anon45500775
N508 A320 Cathay Dragon/Generic Wenzhou ZSWZ 1:20
N509 A320 Cathay Dragon/Generic Kaohsiung RCKH 1:00
N510 A320 Cathay Dragon/Generic Da Nang VVDN 1:25
E Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
E01 777-200ER KLM Amsterdam EHAM 11:55 @Manav_Suri
E02 A350-900 Cathay Pacific Washington KIAD 14:25 @Drummer
E03 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Boston KBOS 15:00
E04 777-300ER Cathay Pacific New York KJFK 15:10
E15 A380-800 Singapore Airlines Singapore WSSS 3:25 @Alex_L
E16 777-300ER British Airways London Heathrow EGLL 12:45 @Joe_Baines1501
E17 777-300ER Singapore Airlines Singapore WSSS 3:20
E18 A350-900 Finnair Helsinki EFHK 10:00 @SahyaQFFlyer
E19 A350-900 Cathay Pacific Tokyo Narita RJAA 3:30 @joshiepoop
S Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
S21 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Melbourne YMML 8:30
S23 A380-800 Qantas Sydney YSSY 8:35 @SexyPepsi
S25 777-300ER Aeroflot Moscow UUEE 9:30
S27 A350-900 Cathay Pacific Jakarta WIII 4:20 @SUPPA_FROG
S29 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Denpasar WADD 4:20
S31 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Singapore WSSS 3:20
S33 A350-900 Cathay Pacific Seoul RKSI 2:45
S35 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Sydney YSSY 8:30
S41 A330-300 Cathay Pacific Adelaide YPAD 8:20
S43 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Beijing ZBAA 2:40
S45 787-10 El Al Tel Aviv LLBG 10:45
S47 787-8 Air India Dehli VIDP 6:00 @CptCalvin437
S49 A350-900 Cathay Pacific San Francisco KSFO 11:25 @Captain_JR
S102 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Qindao ZSQD 2:40
S103 A330300 CathayDragon/Pacific Shanghai ZSPD 1:50
S104 737-800 Spicejet Dehli VIDP 6:25
S105 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Hangzhou ZSHC 1:40
S106 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Penang WMBK 3:20
S107 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Kathmandu VNKT 5:00
S108 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Dhaka VGHS 4:05
S109 A321 EVA Air/Generic Taipei RCTP 1:10
S110 A330-300 Cathay Pacific Dehli VIDP 6:00 @Bongani_Nkosi
W Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
W40 A330-300 Cathay Pacific Nagoya RJGG 2:50
W42 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Chicago KORD 14:05 @Scandanavian54super
W46 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Cebu RPVM 2:15
W48 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Tokyo Haneda RJTT 3:10
W50 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Fuzhou ZSFC 1:10
W61 A330-300 Cathay Dragon/Pacific Guangzhou ZGGG 0:30 @ran
W63 A350-900 Cathay Pacific Ho Chi Minh City VVNB 2:10 @Erukumon
W65 A350-900 Cathay Pacific Osaka RJBB 3:00 @Captain_Oblivious
W67 A350-900 (A35K) Cathay Pacific Perth YPPH 7:05 @Ramzi_Khairan
TW1 A321 China Eastern/Generic Shanghai ZSSS 1:45
TW2 A321 Philippine Airlines Manila RPLL 1:40
W121 A321 Air China Beijing ZBAA 2:45
W122 A321 China Eastern Airlines/Generic Shanghai ZSPD 2:00
W123 A320 China Southern/Generic Beijing Daxing ZBAD 2:40
W124 N/A
W125 A320 Indigo Bengaluru VOBL 6:25
W126 N/A
D Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
D201 A320 Cebu Pacific Angeles City RPLC 1:35
D202 A321 HK Express Osaka RJBB 2:55
D203 A321 HK Express Naha ROAH 2:00
D204 A321 HK Express Taichung RCMQ 1:05
D205 A321 HK Express Tokyo Narita RJAA 3:25
D206 A321 HK Express Seoul RKSI 3:00
D207 A320 Air Asia Kota Kinabalu WBKK 2:35
D208 A320 HK Express Nagoya RJGG 3:05
D209 A320 Air Asia Bangkok VTBD 2:35
D210 A321 HK Express Fukuoka RJFF 2:50
D211 A320 Air Asia Kuala Lumpur WMKK 3:35
D212N A320 Peach Osaka RJBB 3:00
D212S A320 HK Express Nagasaki RJFU 2:30
D213 A320 Cebu Pacific Cebu RPVM 2:25
D214 A350-900 Lufthansa Munich EDDM 12:05 @Mike_Lima_Tango
D215 A320 HK Express Da Nang VVDN 1:35
D217 A320 HK Express Kagoshima RJFK 2:20
D219 A320 Peach Naha ROAH 2:00
D300 737-800 Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur WMKK 3:30
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
07 777-200F Fedex Anchorage PANC 9:15
08 777-200F Ethiopian Cargo Addis Ababa HAAB N/A
09 777-200F Southern Air Cargo Los Angeles KLAX 11:45
10 777-200F Eva Air Cargo/Generic Taipei RCTP 1:15
11 777-200F Etihad Cargo Dubai OMDW 8:15
12 747-400F China Airlines/Boeing Freight/Generic Taipei RCTP 1:05
13 747-400F Asiana/Boeing Freight/Generic Seoul RKSI 2:45
14 777-200F Qatar Cargo Doha OTHH 8:55
15 777-200F Ethiopian Cargo Mumbai VABB 6:20
16 747-8F Cargolux Anchorage PANC 9:10
17 747-8F Cargolux Luxembourg ELLX N/A
18 777-200F Emirates Cargo Dubai OMDW 8:15
19 777-200F China Cargo Airlines Shanghai ZSPD 1:40
20 747-8F Korean Air/Boeing Freight Seoul RKSI 2:45
21 747-8F Cargolux Vienna LOWW N/A
22 747-8F Air Bridge Cargo Moscow UUDD 9:30
23 747-8F Cathay Pacific/Boeing Freight Anchorage PANC 8:50
24 747-8F Nippon Air Cargo Tokyo Narita RJAA 3:30
25 N/A
26 747-8F Cathay Pacific/Boeing Freight Mumbai VABB 6:15
27 N/A
28 N/A
29 N/A
30 N/A
31 N/A
33 747-400F Cathay Pacific/Boeing Freight/Generic Shanghai ZSPD 1:40
34 747-400F Singapore Airlines/Boeing Freight/Generic Singapore WSSS 3:15
35 N/A
GA Business (Ideally Citations,
Gate Aircraft Livery Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
11 737-700BBJ N/A Tokyo Narita RJAA 3:20 @BadPlane

See you there!

Feel free to PM me regarding any partnerships. Also apologies for the ‘N/A’ gates. They will be filled in later on.

I am not responsible for any violations/ghosts you may receive.

If you find another event on this date please notify me ASAP so dates can be changed on either side.

Notice to all Regulars:

This is a wiki. Feel free to edit any spelling mistakes. You are allowed to add users, but please make sure:

  • It’s in the correct gate
  • You don’t change any attendees signups without their permission to change.
  • Don’t change the event information, or event details other than the attendees.

Hi, nice event. Can I have a 737BBJ to RJAA?

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A Event at HKG. It’s been some time since I last saw a Event hosted at VHHH or a FNF there, for that matter.

Gate S49, San Francisco Bound, Thank You :)

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Hi! Sure! I’ll just look to find you a spot that fits your aircraft and then you’ll be notified by a tag in the event 🙃 See you there!

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Yes I’ve seen a fair few VHXX, but I’m just making my way round all the A350 liveries as I’m sure that’ll gain some attention 😂 I’ll sign you up in a sec!

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Can I have gate E02 please to Dulles in the CX a359?

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Sure, I’ll sign you right up! See you there!

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Also, what time zone is my departure time I’m? Im in US Central time…

Do I have one or no

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You should be able to find it in your time under this 🙃

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Can I take a Cathay Airbus A350 to Dulles as well?

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I’m changing to Sunday due to a large event the day before.

Is that still alright with you?

@Luke_Sta @Suhas @Captain_JR @BadPlane?

Again, notify me ASAP if you find an event on the new date.

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I don’t mean to sound rude, angry, or discouraging or any other negative emotion, these the labels relative to the columns is incorrect, just to let you know

And may I have gate heading to Tel Aviv? I know it’s not on there but a gate for an El Al 787-10 would be great. THanks in advance

How are they incorrect? Elaborating on why and how they are incorrect may help the OP understand better has gone “wrong”? I understand that the China Southern flights isn’t realistic but the Air Canada one does fly IRL.

Additionally, @Ecoops123 — Moving the event to Sunday does complicate things severely for me, but it’s too early to say anything as of now, I’ll keep my gate as it is now and when we near the event date, I can confirm if I can attend or not.

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Hi, you set my gate up a bit weird.

i never said the route was wrong, i said the formatting was wrong. Additionally i have changed he description to something a little bit more understandable if that was not enough. If that’s the case, my bad


Ah, I see what you mean now, the OP has mistakenly put the Aircraft model where the Airline name is supposed to be and vice-versa.


I’ll change to a gate to Tokyo (NRT) then.

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Yes. They are easy mistakes when literally having 3 tabs open on 2 devices! 😂 Also I don’t get offended ever @anon45500775 so no problem there, and that is for telling me sooner rather than later! 😄 I’ll see what gate I can get for you!

Why am I making these mistakes lol -_- … Fixed and thanks!

Edit: Turnz out I didn’t add the ‘aircraft’. I was originally using these stands for Citations, but think I’ll make them to the max size of a 737/A320. And no light aircraft since this is an international airport (C172, SR22, XCUB, C208, SPIT)

I have these:

  • Gate N22 with a Japan Airlines 787-9;
  • Gate E19 with a Cathay Pacific 777-300ER;
  • Gate D205 with a HK Express (Generic) A321;
  • Cargo Gate 24 with a Nippon Air Cargo 747-8F;
  • A flight with a charter aircraft.

Which one would you like? 🙃


E19 but with a A350, please.

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Ok, I’ll see you there!