[COMPLETED] Himalayan chill hop 120100ZNOV19

🤟Himalayan Chill Hop 120100ZNOV19🤟

Been having a blast cruising through mountains of Pakistan, now it’s time to dig deeper into the Himalayas. Feel free to grab a single engine plane and join us this is going to be a chill, low paced hop.
The goal of this hop it is to as always log another safe landing, but you should have plenty of opportunity to take some great screenshots rolling through the Himalayan mountain range.

🤘See you over there🤘

Join today @ VI65 at 8pm est/-5GMT Nov 11th
(Nov 12th 01:00 Zulu)

-Aircraft and Livery:
-Cessna 172
-Cessna 208
-Cirrus SR22
**All Liveries eligible
-Route : VI65 - VI57
-Time of Departure: 8:00PM est/-5GMT
01:00 Zulu
-Duration: Just over an hour
-Date: 11/11/2019
-Server: Casual
-Flight Plan: Starting at VI65 we will wind our way through the mountains at altitudes between 12,000 up to 15,000 on our way to VI57

Airport: VI65
Runway: 02
Heading: 19°M

Airport: VI57
Runway: 10
Heading: 105°M

They both read the same day, today

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The 19 means 2019.

Oh sorry, I think I am blind ;/

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Is something wrong with this topic?

No, Nothing wrong!

Its just I cant read

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10/4 I’ve been there before

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Another great hop
Decided to bounce a Daher up to 20k and linger over the Himalayas for a couple decent shots and another safe landing. Made it a lil quicker than intended, I would recommend this hop to anyone looking for a 21min hop.


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