[COMPLETED] Hey There Austin! Flyout @ KAUS - 182100ZNOV18

This event is made by @BadPlane
Server: Training

Airport: KAUS

Date and Time: November 18, 2018 10:00 PM

NOTAM: ATC is permitted by signup only. Ground, Tower, and Departure Frequencies Only

About AUS - Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is located in Austin, Texas, USA, which is the capitol city of the state of Texas. There are currently 250 daily arrivals and 260 daily departures from the airport and 76 desitnations in the U.S., Carribean, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. The airport is a focus city for Frontier’s Airbus series fleet and Southwest’s competing 737 series fleet. In 2017, the airport carried over 13,000,000 passengers to their destinations and the airport is planning on expanding by 2040 to hold more passengers.

Fire Message by maeyo: Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I am creating this event for @BadPlane. He is a TL1 and pretty knew to the community. Since he doesn’t have the level to make the event yet, @Kamryn and I decided to pitch in. Give these guys some love and enjoy the event. Hope you all can make it!!

Some routes are not opened to increase productivity.


More gates can be added for your convenience.

Southwest Terminal Gates

Main Terminal Gates:
Gate 07: Southwest (737) KAUS-KDAL -
Gate 08: Southwest (737) KAUS-KMEM -
Gate 09: Southwest (737) KAUS-KLAS -
Gate 10: Southwest (738) KAUS-KMDW -
Gate 11: Southwest (738) KAUS-KLAX - @Clocktapus
Gate 12: Southwest (737) KAUS-KBWI - @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 13: Southwest (737) KAUS-KDEN -

Terminal Gates

Other Gates:
Gate 01: British Airways (747) KAUS-EGLL -
Gate 02: British Airways (777) KAUS-EGLL -
Gate 04: Aeromexico (ERJ190) KAUS-MMMX - @EchoMikeIndia
Gate 05: Volaris (A320) KAUS-MMGL - @QFA_12
Gate 06: Air Canada (E190) KAUS-CYYZ -
Gate 07: Delta (A321) KAUS-KJFK -

Cargo Gates

All Aprons Open for Use:
Ramp 1: FedEx Feeder (C208) KAUS-KDFW -
Ramp 2: UPS (752-F) KAUS-KDFW - @BadPlane
Ramp 3: UPS (752-F) KAUS-_____ -

Air Traffic Control Positions

Tower Frequency: 121.000 - @DiamondGaming4
Ground Frequency: 121.700 - @Kamryn
Departure Frequency: 119.000 -

Private Gates

Private 1:
Private 2:
Private 3:
Private 4:

Glad I Could Help! I’d like to control Ground please!

sounds good! your cleared for push

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I’ll control tower

I’ll take a gate. SWA to BWI

alright, get some good ops and have fun!

have a good flight! youre down for baltimore

There a event one hour before your. So, you might want to check out the Summit Event.

Oh yea, there’s an event for a VA group flight event an hour before you, it’s pretty big. Might want to delay your event for a day to Sunday

I can’t make it that day because of the summit :/

@Gabe_Z @Kamryn I have no control over the time. Like I said, this is @BadPlane time decision. I guess we can ask him ! :)

We may reschedule, sit tight and ill get right back to you!

Attention everyone, the event date has been changed to Sunday the 18th as of right now. So you can attend the IFVARB Anniversary and the Austin Flyout in the same weekend.

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Count me in! I’ll take the Aeromexico
Just wondering if I could change the E175 to a E190

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Sounds good, you can use the E190!

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I’ll do mmgl

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On it! Have a safe flight! Also, this route does have quite the turbulence over a few mountain ranges so if you’d like me to create a softer route via SimBrief, please let me know!

I’ll take gate 11, KAUS to KLAX. Thanks!

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Nice choice! Not too long not too short. See you on the 18th!

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