✿ [Completed] Hawaiian Virtual's "Adventure To Tahiti" Event @ PHNL - 152000ZJAN18 ✿

Hi,Can I have a gate please??

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Roger! Gate 34 is your gate!

Please can I have a gate thanks

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Roger! Gate 30 is yours!

Roger that tank you!

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I guess I can say… “You’re Welcome”

I would love to grab a gate

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Gate 25 is yours!! :)

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Thank you so much. January 18 right? Still not sure if I will be there or not. I will try

I just want to say I’m incredibly impressed with what you’re doing here @Balloonchaser this VA looks amazing!


No tomorrow is the event

How the layout works is:
Day|Time in Zulu|Month|Year

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Expect a late departure and approach :)… Might be 4 hours late…

Thank you very much for your kind comment!! It makes me feel good about the work that we are putting in as a VA :)

Can i have a gate please?

Could you put me down for a Gate also please? There is a chance I might not come though but if I do I would already want to be having a Gate instead of asking last minute.

Thanks. Knew to this sim. Still confused about the time. Did I already miss it?
So sorry

Gate 23 is yours! See you there

We are roughly 4 Hours & 30 Minutes away from the event! If you would like a conversion for a different time zone, please tell me

Can I join?
Sorry for last minute

Roger! Gate 24 is yours!