✿ [Completed] Hawaiian Virtual's "Adventure To Tahiti" Event @ PHNL - 152000ZJAN18 ✿

✈️ The Hawaiian Way ✈️

Last week Hawaiian Virtual Airlines Revamped!
With the revamp we now have a new thread, crew center, website, Flight Booking, HVA Rewards and so many other crazy features!

Come check us out!

✿ Flight Details:

Server: Training Server

Aircraft: Hawaiian B767-300

Departure: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (PHNL)

Arrival: Fa’a’ā International Airport (NTAA)

Date: Monday, January 15th, 2018

Departure Time: 20:00 Zulu [1900Z]


7 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (Day Next)
10 AM Hawaiian Standard Time
12 PM Pacific Standard Time
3 PM Eastern Standard Time
8 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Projected Flight Time: 6 Hours


  • Please Spawn in roughly 5-10 minutes before our scheduled departure time
  • Runway for departure out of HNL is expected to be 08L and the runway for arrival into PPT is expected to be 04. (May change due to weather conditions at time of event.)
  • Hawaiian Virtual Pilots who participate in this event will receive twice (2x) the hours flown.

✿ FlightPlan:

PHNL R1134 20N58 14W49 DOFIN TIARE D252R D239R CI04 FI04 NTAA

✿ Gate Assignments:

Hawaiian Virtual Pilots

Gate 26: @Balloonchaser [HVA231] - Leader
Gate 27: @Ryan_Vidad [HVA10]
Gate 28: @Jmacd20 [HVA144]
Gate 29: @Lucas_Piedra [HVA1367]
Gate 25: @Intelflight [HVA2090]
Gate 24: @BigBert10 [HVA100]
Gate 19: @BlakePope


Gate 20: @Avinash_Sandhanam
Gate 21: @Fly207
Gate 22: @WardellStephenCurry
Gate 23: @Krunchy_Toast
Gate 30: @HGAD
Gate 31: @Oli_H
Gate 32: @Wyatt_Eckhart
Gate 33: @Davidberman
Gate 34: @CaptainJulioG

If you’d like a gate, please reply below in the comments. Ill get you a gate as soon as I possibly can. :)

✿ If You Are:

In Hawaiian Virtual Airlines - Use your HVA Callsign
If you are coming from IFC - Use a Hawaiian Callsign

✿ Come Join Hawaiian Virtual on a Journey! ✿

On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the best event you have ever heard of), How excited are you for this event?

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This sounds like fun! I’m going to consider joining, but I have to check my schedule for that day first.

Don’t put me in yet.

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Roger! Hope that you can make it

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First off, with that first and “opening” picture… eww :( Second, ill take a gate! The event sounds very “tropical” and scenic in its own way! Ill take the gate 27 or 25 reccomended!

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Roger gate 27 is all yours for your adventure to The Heart of Tahiti!

i will take a gate plz

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Okie Dokie!! Gate 28 is yours!

Add me on there! Id like to experience this route

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Roger! Gate 29 is yours

Chuck me in, I’ll have callsign “Hawaiian 89”

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You’re actually going to fly? :)

Wrong you’re and yes I am actually going to fly

Roger! Gate 31 is yours

I’m sorry but I most likely won’t be able to attend due to my schedule! Hope the event goes very well though!

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Thanks! Hope to see you at a future event

We are One Day Away From Takeoff!

Come Join Us Before Time Runs Out!

I might be there, can I please have a gate.

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Gate 32 is yours! Hope to see you there!

Please put my on any gate thanks!

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Alright! Gate 33 is yours!
See you there!