[COMPLETED!] GA Event - GoodBye Keywest Airport! | - @ KEYW - 060800ZOCT18

that would be me

Oh ok Thanks for saying


Please start taxiing to runway 09.


Shoot I crashed after takeoff. Have a good flight!

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You can still spawn in again at the nearest gate and attempt again. The latest aircraft that took off aren’t even near me yet!

Lol I’ll try and takeoff at a closer aircraft and slightly adjust my flip plan.

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But I want to fly at KSJC on Expert SO BAD…

Well decide… :face_palm:

We are already quite far…

What is cruise speed?

180 knots :)

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@javaro_davis please follow our flight plan.

Then I’ll watch you land ;)


You should ATC


Oh yeah! Never thought of that!

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KTMB Ground and Tower is open!

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Thank you to everyone who attended this event!

We had lots of fun and the event went great.


Too bad i missed. Completely forgot about this

Soo bad, i had no time to join you! 🙁

Please, look at the title and actually look at the time. This always happens when people sign up and then it turns out nobody comes because they can’t come or forgot.