[COMPLETED!] GA Event - GoodBye Keywest Airport! | - @ KEYW - 060800ZOCT18

GA Event - Goodbye Keywest Airport!

@ Keywest Airport [KEYW] - 06 October '18 at 08:00 Zulu

Credit to @MathAviation7 for this route. TBM-930 Suggested Routes

Event Details

Aircraft: Daher TBM-930 (Sea Blue Livery preffered)
ETE: 43 minutes
Cruise Altitude: FL240

Server: Training

Flight Plan

KEYW CARNU 2510N/8117W 2521N/8058W KTMB

Gate Assignments

Gate User Livery
GA Main Apron 01 @speedplayz
GA Main Apron 02 @Rishon_R
GA Main Apron 03 @thomasie
GA Main Apron 04 @Javaro_Davis
GA Main Apron 05 @keishawn_24k
GA Main Apron 06
GA Main Apron 07
GA Main Apron 08
GA Main Apron 09
GA Main Apron 10
GA Main Apron 11
GA Main Apron 12
GA Main Apron 13
GA Main Apron 14
GA Main Apron 15
GA Main Apron 16
GA Main Apron 17

More gates will be added if needed.

Have Fun flying GA Aircraft!


I would like a gate. Will this be in Training Server?

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Hey! i also would like a gate if its on the training server. ๐Ÿ‘

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Thank you for notifying about no server details.

Damnit I always forget about the server

I would join if the event was not at 4 am

Sign me up @Javaro_Davis

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I thought Key West Airport was removing service from that airport ๐Ÿ˜‚ Iโ€™ll check if I can attend though.

Yea, I canโ€™t attend, to early. Iโ€™ll see if I can attend one of you other future events though!

Can I gate Apron 4?

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Hey! Javari applied first so I handed it over to him but you will be in Apron 05. ;)


I will take GA Apron 6! My Callsign will be W-AFLZ! Looking forward to this!

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Everyone, please spawn in right now!


@Rishon_R @Javaro_Davis @keishawn_24k @Thomasie please spawn!

Are we landing on 9L/R,or 13?

09R. :) Have fun

@jacob_sim if you wanna join you can join right now as no one is spawning

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You read my mind, spawning in now.

Spawn next to the aircraft near the runway.

Who is Simsy?

I have no idea but whoever he is, he is joining i guess!

Might be @keishawn_24k