[Completed] GA Adventures | Props To Vancouver @ KGEG - 070130ZAPR19 | Powered By LiveFlight

GA Adventures | Props To Vancouver

Aircraft and Livery: TBM930 [Any Livery]


Time of Departure: 0130Z [In 50 Minutes]

Server: Expert

Cruising Altitude and Speed: 9,500ft @ 240knts
Flight Time: 1 Hour

Additional Information will be sent on this thread before/during flight

Come join us on a GA flight



Flight Begins In 20 Minutes!

The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club Will Be In Attendance

Spawn In at KGEG! :)

Flight Details:

Runway 21 Takeoff - Runway 12 Landing

Flight Speed: 240knts
Flight Altitude: 9,500ft

Keep good spacing. Enjoy :)

My that was epic :)

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Thanks for coming! Glad you had an awesome time! If you take any awesome screenshots feel free to share them with us :)

Was very pretty!

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Yep I got some cool shots

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