[Completed] FVA is on a Roll @ KDEN - 302300ZNOV17

Time to go test your luck with Frontier Virtual as we head into the World Famous Gambling Town of Las Vegas!

Server: Expert Server

Route: KDEN - KLAS

Expected Flight Time: 1 hour & 30 Minutes

Fuel: 3 Hours of Fuel (Make Sure)

Aircraft: Airbus A320 (Any F9 Livery)

Event Date: Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Pushback Time: 2300Z

Scheduled Departure Time: 2305Z
3:00 PM Pacific Time
4:00 PM Mountain Time
5:00 PM Central Time
6:00 PM Eastern Time

Inflight Information:

  • Cruising Altitude of 30,000 ft MSL (Subject to change mid-flight due to wind or some scenery)

  • No faster than Mach 0.78 during the flight (598 MPH)

  • Maintain a minimum separation of 2nm from the aircraft in front of you.


  • MUST be a Grade 3 pilot (Expert Server)

Sign Up For The Event:

If you joined us last event, you’ll know that this is our way of keeping gate assignments organized and less chaotic and work for us.


Frontier Virtual Airline’s Main Thread (Come Check Us Out)

Check out our other event:

Hope that you can join us!


I absolutely love this! Hey @Balloonchaser maybe add in another photo of an FVA aircraft or something but add gambling slots and poker chips photoshopped in lol. That would really hit that gambling mood.

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Event is just tomorrow! Sign up if you haven’t yet :)


Just signed up, I am looking forward to this event.


Just signed up, can’t wait!


Just signed up look forward. My connection was horrible with yesterday’s event so hopefully this will be better.


I am very happy to have you onboard with us. Thank you for giving us a takenumber 2 :)

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Event is 3 Hours away!! :)

Sign Up Now

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I have the gates all set my friend!

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Its not to late! Event begins in less than an hour and you wont want to miss it!

Sign Up:

Gate Assignments: FVA Events Manager

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Thanks for that!! :D

Event starts in 20 minutes! Please spawn in about 5 minutes prior (in your assigned gates) to have an on time departure of 2305Z!

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Viva Las Vegas this will be a nice flight

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Please start to spawn in at KDEN (Expert) and copy the Flightplan from @Mix56awesome (FFT56)

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Event is starting:


Please remember:

Thanks :)

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@sapper - Connection bad?!? Or…

IDK which it is my connection or my app. It keeps crashing on me right now. I’m working on reinstalling the app

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If anyone would like to join us mid-flight, ask where we are and you can take along?

What is your location I’m about to respawn and try again here