[Completed] FlySwiss Destination of the Week! [VOL 2] | Venice on the Med (Nice, FR) | @ LSZH - 251900ZMAR18

Thanks to @Trio for the banner

We are IFVARB approved thumbnail

Server: Casual

Region: Europe

Airport: LSZH

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Please spawn 10 minutes before the event and stay for 5 minutes after the event for screenshots, wait until @HockeyMan06 (Swiss 2) requests pushback, Come in an A321 Swiss Livery


About this event
Welcome to FlySwiss Destination of the Week! This is a series where we fly to a destination in our route map picked by our staff, We take off from Zurich or Geneva to the airport of choice! Volume 2 will take place in Nice, FR, we will depart Zurich around 1900z and will arrive around 2000z in Nice

Flight details
Our flight plan for the event will be

Flight number: LX69

Flight plan may change due to weather

All pilots must be able to maintain professionalism, Please climb to FL270 and maintain a speed of 330 knots. Please keep the planes spaced out by 4nm

Intrested in the event? Join now!

FlySwiss Pilots

Dock E Gate 32 @ratul_sen
Dock E Gate 28 @Nidhish_Kataria
Dock E Gate 26 @Goran12
Dock E Gate 42
Dock E Gate 46
Dock E Gate 50

Non FlySwiss Pilots

Dock E Gate 5M
Dock E Gate 58
Dock E Gate 62
Dock E Gate 64
Dock E Gate 67
Dock E Gate 57
Dock E Gate 55

Wait list

More gates will be added if necessary

FlySwiss Pilots: Use your FlySwiss Callsign

Non FlySwiss Pilots: use a realistic Swiss callsign

If you are apart of FlySwiss VA, you can log your flight on our slack channel


If you are not a part of FlySwiss VA, sign up on our website to get double the hours when you log your first flight. You even start at Third Officer!


Website | Instagram | Official Thread

Thank you for joining us and see you next time

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Accidentally posted, will be fully done in 5 minutes

Edit: now fully completed


can i pls have agate

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Gate please e-gate 32

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For the people at the event, how was it from 1-5?

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