[Completed] Flying the Air Tanzania A220-300 for 24 Hours straight

Celebrating the A220-300 by flying 24 Hours straight.

Disclaimer: After several advices to be more conscious about my health, I have slightly amended the plan to make up for some breaks. I also emphasize that I am not planning on doing similar challenges on a regular basis. I will not push my limits too far and will stop if needed!

As you might know, I was one of the most active users in the A220 request thread (under the name Maximilian1805) and as a result, an unknown excitement has built up with the A220-300 finally coming to life. That’s why I have decided to do something I have never tried before for the release of the A220: Flying Air Tanzania’s A220-300 for 24 Hours straight!

The Plan

Created by me

In total, I will fly 15 flights with flight times between 2:30hrs and 0:15hrs. The estimated time spent in the air will be around 21:45hrs. The remaining 2:15hrs will be used for refueling, taxiing, and taking breaks.

Flight Overview and Status Board

Flight No. Flight Number Departure Airport Departure ICAO Arrival Airport Arrival ICAO Status Time
1 TC212 Dar Es Salaam HTDA Harare FVRG Completed 10 Minutes early
2 TC212 Harare FVRG Lusaka FLKK Completed 5 Minutes late
3 TC212 Lusaka FLKK Dar Es Salaam HTDA Completed 30 Minutes too early
4 TC213 Dar Es Salaam HTDA Ndola FLND Completed 5 Minutes early
5 TC213 Ndola FLND Lubumbashi FZQA Completed On Time
6 TC213 Lubumbashi FZQA Dar Es Salaam HTDA Completed 20 Minutes Early
7 TC210 Dar Es Salaam HTDA Moroni FMCH Completed 40 Minutes Early
8 TC211 Moroni FMCH Dar Es Salaam HTDA Completed 15 Minutes early
9 TC110 Dar Es Salaam HTDA Mwanza HTMW Completed 30 Minutes early
10 TC123 Mwanza HTMW Kilimanjaro HTKJ Completed 10 Minutes delayed
11 TC214 Kilimanjaro HTKJ Entebbe HUEN Completed 35 Minutes delayed
12 TC215 Entebbe HUEN Kilimanjaro HTKJ Completed 40 Minutes delayed
13 TC135 Kilimanjaro HTKJ Zanzibar HTZA Completed 25 Minutes Delayed
14 TC135 Zanzibar HTZA Dar Es Salaam HTDA Completed 10 Minutes delayed
15 TC200 Dar Es Salaam HTDA Nairobi HKJK Completed 15 Minutes Delayed

I will announce an update on this table and thread whenever I arrive or depart, so you can join for one or a few legs of the journey.

When will I undertake this journey?

Friday, December 17, 2021 11:00 AMSaturday, December 18, 2021 11:00 AM

This might change though, but if it does, I will amend the thread of course!

Thank you for viewing this topic! Hopefully, some of you will join me on my trip through southeast Africa with Air Tanzania!



Good luck, MxP! Just remember that your health should be your priority and if you are feeling tired then you should stop or take a break


Thanks mate! Yeah, I am also a little bit worried about that, especially since I am currently in a horrible sleep deficit due to a test phase in school. On the other hand, I have already stayed up for 24 hours before when I spent a night at Madrid Airport, so I hope it’ll work 😅


the air tanzania livery was confirmed? 👀


No, not yet. But if it doesn’t, I‘ll fly the generic livery as a substitute simply because I wanted to use this as a chance to discover South East Africa!


Maybe taking a nap while flying a route that is long would be a great choice? But yeah, I support you on doing this, looks quite fun to be honest

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And here goes another crazy challenge.


would love to join on maybe a couple legs but will let you know if I can make it sooner to Friday!

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My body will probably force me to… The problem is that if I have fallen asleep once nothing is getting me to wake up again before at least 5 hours have passed


I will take this as a compliment 😂😅


Setting a alarm before TOD would work

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What about doing it in one week instead, it’s more safe (like really…) !
It would still be a challenge since all their routes will be flown :p

Btw I loveeeee that map, well done, thanks for doing it, I was lost with their routes !

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But it’s the A220 and this is the best way of dealing with my excitement for it.
If I crash you can redirect my passengers to the airline so they can blame them for their pilots‘ working conditions and horrible working hours 😂

Remember not to overwork yourself. Not to mention you overworked yourself in promoting the aircraft to the highest extent possible. Just dont waste your sleep over flying a plane in the virtual skies. It is simply not worth it and will hurt you in the long run trust me. Feel free to do what you wish tho up to you!

Also best way to deal with excitement is to add more excitement, rumoring that another livery is coming?


It’s not, though. Staying up for an extended period of time, even 24 hours, could be detrimental to your health. And to quote you:

I am currently in a horrible sleep deficit due to a test phase in school.

Don’t you think that that is a sign to get some sleep? If not, what about this other statement from you:

My body will probably force me to.

If neither of those is a sign to you, and as much as I hate to say this, you need to take a long break from Infinite Flight—you are hurting yourself. Why do this to yourself over a mobile application?

Regardless, if you choose to go through with this, good luck. Hopefully you can do this with the respective livery, too.


Are you gonna start right after release? And I would love to join you (at least for one leg :D). The leg I´m most interested in is Kilimanjaro - Zanzibar, maybe you could message me when you´re flying this leg (maybe on Discord?).


And as previous speakers have said, I would also recommend a break, maybe halfway through the flights? And as I said already said, keep me posted on when you’re flying the Kilimanjaro - Zanzibar leg. @MxP

They didn’t already showed all the livery, according to the last live stream he said that he might have not already show all the new things that are coming into the 21.8. Let’s hope this one will be added! 😊

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I would have definitely joined had you done Dar-Es-Salaam-Mumbai cause that’s one of my fav routes!


Personally I will not be able to do it but I wish you good luck because it shows how involved you are in Infinite Flight.
Beware of fatigue, however, and remember that real life is more important than a flight simulator.
Do not hesitate to post pictures of your Challenge.