[Completed] Fly the Longest Dreamliner Route with Qantas Virtual @ YMML - 090000ZJUN18

Sign me up for both legs please!

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Leg 1, gate d12. Leg 2 gate 156.

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Just over 12 hours remains until Leg 1 begins!

More gates have been added due to the demand!
Will we see you there?


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Josh mongoose I’m departing klax to Melbourne shortly see you guys there (Melbourne).

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Welcome on board this qantas service to Melbourne tonight. We’ll be climbing to 33,000 feet and expected to be on time. Sit back relax and enjoy this great Qantas service.

REMEMBER all QANTAS Virtual pilots can file a PIREP for this event.

Use QFA 10A for leg 1 ( YMML -YPPH)

Use QFA 10B for leg 2 (YPPH-EGLL)

Will see you all at Perth for start of leg 2!

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I’ll be there!
Callsign: QF9
YMML Gate: D13
YPPH Gate: 163
Looking forward too it!

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Would love to join for both legs!!! Please add me :D

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Can i have gate d16 tnx

Sure thing
Did you want to attend leg 2 as well or just leg 1?

Im sorry but i dont have a lot of time because of school so ill get leg 1

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School on a Saturday?
Poor you
I’ve put you down :)

Plenty of gates left!

Less than 10 hours remains until leg 1 starts!

Ill do ATC at YMML and at YPPH
Ground and Tower for both

Ummm when you realise this is on training server but your been flying on expert.

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Sign me up for the first leg


I look forward to it thanks a lot

2 Hours until the event starts!


Half an hour until Leg 1 begins.

Snatch a gate while you can!


That’s a lot of planes 😀

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Is it too late to join?