(Completed)Flight to anywhere @ YBBN - 062200ZMAY18

Server: Training

Region: Australia

Airport: YBBN

Time: 2200Z

Time Zones:

AEST: 8:00am
EST: 6:00pm
PST: 3:00pm
CST: 5:00pm
MST: 4:00pm
HST: 12:00pm

NOTAM:Come to Brisbane in all Australian airline livery’s and do realistic routes for those airliners. Try to stay professional please and if you want to join the event, please follow the format below. I am also allowing people to come from other cities or towns to land at Brisbane. Follow the same order down below and also where are you coming from.

(Aircraft) (Callsign) (Route)

Gates, (Domestic)
Gate 16: @Altaria55 (QantasLink Bombardier Dash-8),(Skywest22),(YBBN - YBCG)
Gate 17:
Gate 18: @JNG (Qantas 737-800), (Qantas 506), (YBBN - YSSY)
Gate 19: @AussieAviation (Qantas 737-800), (Qantas 405), (YBBN - YSSY)
Gate 20: @William_Burke (Qantas 737-800), (Qantas 16), (YBBN - YMML - YBBN)
Gate 21:
Gate 22: @QantasAviator (Qantas 737-800), (Qantas 611), (YBBN - YMML)
Gate 23:
Gate 24:
Gate 25:
Gate 26:
Gate 27:
Gate 28:
Gate 29:
Gate 30:
Gate 31:
Gate 32:
Gate 33:
Gate 34:
Gate 35:
Gate 36:
Gate 37:
Gate 38:
Gate 39:
Gate 40:
Gate 40A:
Gate 40B:
Gate 41:
Gate 43:
Gate 44:
Gate 45:
Gate 46:
Gate 47:
Gate 48:
Gate 49:
Gate 50:

Gates, ( International)
Gate 75B:
Gate 76B:
Gate 77:
Gate 78: @GolferRyan (Qantas 737-800), (Qantas 3522), (YBBN - NFFN)
Gate 79: @Pingu (Virgin Atlantic 77W),(VA7),(YBBN - KLAX),(
Gate 80:
Gate 81: @Captain-Daniel (767-300),(Qantas 123 Heavy),(YBBN - NZAA)
Gate 82:
Gate 83:
Gate 84:
Gate 85:
Gate 86:
Gate 86B:

Josh_H will be tower and ground at YBBN. Please spawn at the airport 10 minutes before departure.

Tower: @Josh
Ground: @Josh


First, recomendations:
Get more gates and possibly set routes for those gates
Make it your own! This is extremely bland for an event.

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You may want to change your title otherwise you would be copying @Brent_A

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I’ve changed the title. This is my first event. I didn’t know what to say because I want this to be a realistic event.


Hey there, @Pilotcorn09! Your events looks good. I’ll be there.
Aircraft: Qantas B738
Callsign: Qantas 405
Route: YBBN - YSSY
Can’t wait to fly at this event!

Thanks AussieAviation. Ill put you down on the list. What gate are you gonna spawn at or do you want me to choose?

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Ill put you at gate 19.

Yeah. I’m happy with any gate.

Hi what date with this event be?

@William_Burke, this event will he held on the sixth of May.

Yes. It will be the 5 of May for the Northern Hemisphere people.

Ah yes, I can attend, I will be in a qantas 737-800 going to melbourne! when i land in melbourne i will be heading back to brisbane aswell!

What gate do you want to be or do you want me to choose a gate? @William_Burke

i will have Gate 20 please

ok. Ill put you down on the list.

@William_Burke What will be your callsign?

QF16 will be my callsign

Qantas 737
Callsign: Qantas 605
Gate 21

I’ll come with you mate @Josh

I’ll add you on the list