[COMPLETED] European Short Haul @ ESSA 012155ZJUL19

  • Aircraft and Livery: Cessna Citation X - Private 4

  • Route: ESSA-EKCH

Flight Plan

ESSA 5939N/1755E SA861 DKR TIPIX LIBSI KOXIM 5815N/1530E ELPAX 5728N/1421E TOKSI NILEN MISMA 5610N/1234E 5544N/1249E EKCH

  • Time of Departure: 2019-07-01T21:55:00Z (2145Z)

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information:
    • ATC Will be Active, please ensure you have a proper knowledge on how to use ATC
    • ESSA ATIS Requires that you file a flight plan before contacting Ground, so please do so!
    • Flight Time is 50 Minutes
    • Cruise at FL330, ascent profile is 250/300/0.86, ascend at 1700fpm.
    • I will post here at our TOD, but we will descend at -800fpm with a descent profile of 0.86/300/250
    • Final Approach speed is 120kts
    • Please maintain approx. 2-3NM spacing
    • Please spawn in these gates:

Hope to see you there


Departing in 10 minutes!

I think I’ll join you. I’ll spawn in at Gate G142.

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4 minutes 'til push

Pushing Back!

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Ready when you are @texasaviation, we’ll use runway 26.

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Whoops sorry about that!

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You’re way ahead as I had to wait for a 737 to land before I took off. Descend at 180nm out.

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That’s quite far out. How about 99 NM out? I think that might make more sense considering I’m 220 NM out and just passing through FL260.

Ok. Up to you, that’s what my descent calculator said but your choice.

I could if we had a higher ascent rate. I’m bumping it up to 2700 FPM instead and I’ll descend 180 NM out also. :)

Ok good plan, I agree, the ascent rate was a bit low.

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I’m going to start slowing down a little bit as I am approaching FL300.

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So I passed FL250. Going to bring it down to 10,000 feet now and after that I assume the altitude will be at either our discretion or ATC’s.

I’m descending to 4000, there’s no Approach so our descent is at our discretion as long as we’re at 3000-3500 when turning final.

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And now there’s approach. Contact them at around 50NM out.

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Just got the ATIS, landing is runway 30. Remember to alter your flight plan, or just leave it as is and APP will vector you.

Roger that. I’ll have them vector me.

Great flight! I enjoyed it!

I was right behind you guys! SAS151