Completed! Edinburgh Eve (26 Attending!) @EGPH 011700ZDEC19

Edinburgh’s Eve

Let’s have the seasonal spirit for this event as we kick off the Christmas joy for the IFC!

Global Awareness

No, not that type of global awareness, but Infinite Flight’s type. We may have a culture between KSFO and KSJC, but that’s different 🙄.

What my events are, is they are suggested in this thread by the community, ideally for underrated international airports hosting all kinds of routes, to show the world what the developers and IFAET have put into this game. Over these series I try to locate the gates with the aircraft, offering as many routes that would suite the community’s liking, but if you want to fly a specific route that is used in real world, go ahead and request it, and I’ll do my best to fit it in. All of these events are to explore the globe, making everyone aware of what is out there, and how much you can actually enjoy it! So COME ALONG, and join us on this tour!

Suggested by: @Infinite_Qantas

Edinburgh Airport


Edinburgh Airport is an airport located in the Ingliston area of the City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. It was the busiest airport in Scotland in 2018, handling over 14.3 million passengers that year, an increase of 6.5% compared with 2017. It was also the sixth busiest airport in the United Kingdom, by total passengers in 2018. It is located 5nm (9.3km, 5.8km) west of the city centre, just off the M8 and M9 motorways. It is owned and operated by the Global Infrastructure Partners, who are also the majority shareholder and lead the management of Gatwick Airport. The airport has one runway and one pasamber terminal, and employs about 2,500 people.


Server: Expert

Airport: EGPH

Time: 1700Z Sunday 1st December


(This will automatically convert to your timezone)

NOTAMS: A ‘ATIS’ produced by me will be released in a PM or a Slack group (depending on the amount attending), so we all know where to taxi and what to be aware of. Respect ATC/Unicom and use in the correct manner.


Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Av flight time Attendee
1 Easyjet A320 London Luton EGGW 0:55 @Luke_King-kong
1A Ryanair B738 Dublin EIDW 0:45 @Redevil26SD
1B Easyjet A320 Belfast Int’l EGAA 0:30 @Ecoops_123
2 Air France A318 Paris LFPG 1:25 @Johanes
3 KLM B737 Amsterdam EHAM 1:00 @OneB
4 Brussels Airlines A319 Brussels EBBR 1:15 @anon45500775
5 Easyjet A319 Munich EDDM 1:45 @Elefanths
6 Easyjet A320 Berlin Tegel EDDT N/A @Charlieab29
7 Turkish Airlines A321 Istanbul LTFM 3:50 @Chrisg14
8 British Airways A320 London Heathrow EGLL 1:00
9 British Airways A320 London Heathrow EGLL 1:00 @anon41771314
10 United B752 New York Newark KEWR 7:00 @Thunderbolt
14 Easyjet A320 Tenerife South GCTS 4:30 @thkmass
15 Emirates B77W Dubai OMDB 7:05 @Branstar_247
16 Qatar Airways B788 (A350) Doha OTHH 6:30 @AryaTheLivingMeme
17 Ryanair B738 Berlin EDDB 1:45 @AidanG3928
20 British Airways E190 London City EGLC 1:15 @snoman
22 Easyjet A320 Paris LFPG 1:25 @harryclark2003
24 Norwegian B738 Providence KPVD N/A @Alex_L
25 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt EDDF 1:20 @Infinite_Pro
Remote Gates (Flybe)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Av flight time Attendee
26 Flybe Q400 Birmingham EGBB 1:05
27 Flybe Q400 London City EGLC 1:15 @Infinite_Qantas
29 Flybe Q400 London Heathrow EGLL 1:10
30 Flybe Q400 Southampton EGHI 1:15 @William_Chin
31 Flybe Q400 Belfast City EGAC 0:35 @Menthesuphisth
32 Flybe Q400 Cardiff EGFA 0:55 @Matthew_20204
33 Flybe Q400 Exeter EGTE 1:10 @David_Mullen
34 Flybe Q400 London Heathrow EGLL 1:10 @CaptainDixon
Cessna Citation

These are cargo gates used by 737’s and some private jets. I’m using all as Citations due to lack of small cargo aircraft.

Remote Livery Destination ICAO Av flight time Attendee
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Av flight time Attendee
210 DHL B752F East Midlands EGNX 0:50
211 Fedex B77F Paris LFPG 1:25 @tinytinnytin
212 Generic B77F East Midlands EGNX 0:50 @Zak_Plant

See you there!

I am not responsible for any violations/ghosts you may receive.


Yes, another one of my events, expect loads more! Suggested by you!

1A Ryanair B738 Dublin EIDW 0:45

Can i be on standby for this gate please?

Another one ;-; I’ll take a BA to LHR

Sure! 🤠

Yup 👀, see the thread at the top of the page to view how ridiculous I am, and how many I’m making. I say the stages I’m on too with them so they can be tracked!

I’d change the 2nd A320 ;)

What the… lol I even remember typing EDDF there 😂

I’ll take a gate if you can switch a gate to the Emirates B77W to OMDB.

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Already there, shall I sign you up?

… wait what the hell, I swear half of these have disappeared. I literally typed these into it earlier today.

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And that’s even more confused me. I just refreshed it…

Back space > Enter… what the actual…

Now gates 12 and 13 are gone :)

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There is no gates 12 and 13 due to the size of the nearby gates. Nearly got me again 😳.

Don’t mind me scanning through the list trying to find any inaccuracies… I would join but I don’t have live so I can’t, sorry!

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Could I get this one please?

I’ll take gate 25 please!

I don’t blame you… 😂

😔 Maybe another time, or you’ll have your sub paid for by then! Maybe in the future you’ll be able to attend on of my other events!

You most certainly can-not deny this flight! 😝

Thanks for attending!


This route

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That route. 🙃

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Glad you’re joining me to EGLC


Hey! I am interested in joining. If there is any available gate nobody will take, I would like to replace with Norwegians old route to Providence. But if so, I will take AirFrance’s Gate 2 to Paris! See you then!