[Completed] Denver to Phoenix Group Flight! 11OCT23

Alright @Topgottem ima give you a frontier a320

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You bet! Great choice

IF MD-11 please

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just one bit of unrealism pwease 🥺

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Unfortunately no, this is a realistic flight, sorry, please pick something listed

then a united a320

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That’s not listed as an option, but I’ll let it slide

Event bump

Let’s fill up Denver!

Event in 1 week

Event in 3 days

-700 instead

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A50 American A320


Welcome back! Yes great choice

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@Cole_Woodard apologies. I actually can’t join, because of work

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Sounds good.

I know it’s not a route but can I use a JetBlue A320?

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No sorry, that is quite unrealistic, please pick something else

I can’t attend. I’ll be doing my last night flight for 2023 during the event

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Sweet, thanks for letting me know, hope you have a nice flight