[Completed] Denver to Phoenix Group Flight! 11OCT23

yeah thats what im saying

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That looks better now, thanks guys

We’ve got 70knt head winds going into Phoenix just a heads up for y’all :D

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Wait a minute I was looking at Denver my bad

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Lol wrong airport

Arrival procedures into Phoenix

Around 11k ft. MSL slow down to 250 KIAS.
On Base leg, slow down to 210 KIAS,
On Long Final go down 180 KIAS
On Medium final go down 140 KIAS

For the arrival gates

American uses A and B Gates
Southwest used C and D gates,
United uses the E gates


Also please wait for everyone to land before despawning

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ok roger that

11k is a little late so I will do around 12.5k

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Did you use spoilers?

You shouldn’t have to

Although the decent rate is 3k ft per minute

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Welcome to Phoenix everyone

not a bad landing for the CRJ

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This event is now officially over, thank you to everyone who attended


It was fun thx everyone:D

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My upcoming events


Me landing





W pictures cole

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