[Completed] Denver to Las Vegas: Group Flight!

Denver to Las Vegas Group Flight

This is going to be my first ever group flight! This flight is the most popular flight out of Denver with 78 weekly flights! 1.1 million people out of 69 million people who flew out of Denver went to Las Vegas! This route has a great variety in Flight choices as well! Hope you enjoy this flight! Flight time, including taxi time should be very close to 2 hours.

Event Details

Event Time - Wednesday, August 30, 2023 11:30 PM → Thursday, August 31, 2023 1:30 AM

From startup in Denver to engines off in Las Vegas will probably take around 2 hours

Gate Assignments

A Concourse

Choices for flights:


Frontier Airlines A320 or A321

Gate Aircraft Pilot
A32 - -
A34 - -
A36 - -
A38 A320 @ProllyPerry
A40 - -
A42 - -
A44 - -
A46 - -
A52 - -

More to be added if needed

C Concourse

Choices for flights:


Southwest Airlines B737 or B738

Gate Aircraft Pilot
C23 B738 @SouthwestVirtual @BenjiTheBull
C24 B738 @SouthwestVirtual
C25 B737 @SouthwestVirtual @Bay_Area_Aviation
C26 B738 @SouthwestVirtual
C27 B737 @SouthwestVirtual
C28 B737 @SouthwestVirtual
C29 B738 @SouthwestVirtual
C30 B737 @SouthwestVirtual
C31 B738 @SouthwestVirtual
C32 B737 @SouthwestVirtual
C33 - -
C34 - -
C35 B738 @_TheTexanAvgeek
C36 B738 @Prestoni
C37 B738 @Charly_Jime
C38 - -
C39 - -

More to be added if needed


Spirit Airlines A320 or A321

Gate Aircraft Pilot
C45 - -
C46 - -
C47 - -
C48 - -
C49 A321 @Cole_Woodard
C50 - -
C51 - -

More to be added if needed

B Concourse

United Airlines A320, B738, B739, or B752

Gate Aircraft Pilot
B25 - -
B48 - -
B27 - -
B35 - -
B41 - -
B32 B738 @Chasic
B45 - -
B42 - -

More to be added if needed


You may choose any suitable plane and a realistic/semi-realistic operator

Gate Aircraft Pilot Flight Number
1 - -
2 - -
3 - -
4 - -
5 - -
6 CL35 @PhorzaSky IF



Ground Tower ATIS Departure/Approach Center
@Chase @Chase @Chase - -
@Chase @Chase @Chase - -

This event is proudly sponsored by Southwest Virtual Airlines [SWVA]

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Southwest 737-800 callsign if needed will be WN378

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Your signed up!

This event is now sponsored by Southwest Virtual Airlines [SWVA]

yes please!

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Southwest getting all the luv today

This one please!

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Sign me in up with southwest please

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Yes, which plane?

The 800 please

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Event bump! Only one week to go!

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This flight is in 2 days, can everyone still attend?

@SouthwestVirtual @Bay_Area_Aviation @_TheTexanAvgeek @Prestoni @BenjiTheBull

  • Yes
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I would like to participate

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What airline and plane would you like? @Charly_Jime

Event is Tomorrow

737-800 Southwest

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I’d like to join! Can I have the Spirit A320?

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@Charly_Jime and @safiyurrahman1 your both signed up, cya tomorrow


Thank you…

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Sign me up with frontier a320 please