[Completed] Delta319's landing competition (sponsored by TAPVA) @ LPPT - 250300ZJUL18

Server: Training

Airport: LPPT

Time: 0300Z July 25, 2018 4:00 PM (Europe: Paris), July 25, 2018 7:00 AM (America: Los Angeles)

NOTAM: Aircraft: B747-200

You MUST use the 747-200! If you don’t you WILL be disqualified!


This is TAPVA’s landing Competition! The goal is to land in front of four judges who will rate landings on three criteria:

  1. Technique
  2. Centerline Alignment
  3. Grease Factor (Softness)

Ratings will be on a scale of 1-10.

The Event

Pilots should spawn 15ish minutes before departure. All pilots should leave Manchester no later than 15 minutes after the listed time. Everyone (VA and non-VA) is invited!


Departure Runway: 23L
Climb rate: 3000fpm (235 kts till FL 100, speed up to 310 until cruise)
Cruise: FL310 (31,000 feet, speed is M .80)
Descent rate: 1800fpm (Slow down incrementally to 235 kts, then slow to landing speed)
Spacing: Each contestant should maintain at least 3nm spacing.
Landing Runway: 21

Contestant Gates (at Manchester)

T2 Gate 233: @IanD
T2 Gate 234: @TransitkidJason
T2 Gate 235: @SkysTheLimit87
T2 Gate 236: @Juan_Delgado
T2 Gate 237: @707Flight
T2 Gate 238: @2003iggy
T2 Gate 239:
T2 Gate 240:
T2 Gate 241:
T2 Gate 85:


  1. @Delta319
  2. @Kyle_Green (ATC: Ground)
  3. @Kyle_Green (ATC: Tower)
  4. @Itssherwood03 (ATC: Departure/Arrival)

Note: If you are ATC, you need to open BOTH airports!

Join us!


Great! It is not the first one though. I wish i could come but I dont have live atm.

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Now that @Delta319 has gone through the trouble of inviting me, I suppose I can likely make it but I am not entirely sure of our schedule that far out…

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The time format in your post is wrong.

Your event takes place on the 25th July at 03:00 ZULU I believe…

So it should be:

250300ZJUL18 (The 18 stands for 2018 - the year)

At the moment it says your event is at somepoint in July 2025 😂😂😂


Ok thanks for that! This was my first event so I realy wouldn’t have known.
@BennyBoy do you want to come?

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Sorry I cant…im in hospital…wont say more…personal reasons

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I’ll get a gate, watch me be the lone contestant

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I’d love to Join! T2 Gate 236 for me.

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Can’t join,too late at night did me
Will be well off to sleep by then
Maybe u will see me doing an overnight :)

@SpeedPlayz @IanD Got you signed up

Haha wish I would have joined but I will be going on vacation to Portugal. I will arrive by plane to LPPT on the 25th! What a coincidence! I will be spotting your landings in real life :P Have a fun event guys


@KPIT are you coming or what

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Is the departure from manchester? If yes change your title to @ EGCC not @ LPPT

The competition’s at Lisbon so the title is correct.

I’m sadly not coming as tommorrow im going somewhere

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I can be arrival and departure

Count me in for this competition

I can be the tower ATC and the ground ATC if you need someone

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So we take off from Libson and land at Manchester?

I’d love to join, any gate for me is fine!

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